Attention People – This is not a drill! – Your planet needs you!! || Earth Warrior Series

Hey Friends, 
What if you were told that your planet was in trouble & needed your help? What if you were told that you played an important role in saving the planet earth? Sounds a bit like a marvel movie doesn’t it?. However in reality it is all very true.
Do you that we are 11 years away from causing irreparable damage to our planet. This is the truth!
People always make fun of millennials for caring about the polar bears and global warming but the truth is if we don’t who will. 11 years and we are passing on a world to our children and grandchildren that has been totally destroyed by our greed, laziness and consumerism. Quite honestly its a joke. It is a joke that we are so selfish we are destroying our beautiful home that gives us life. 
Most people think that in order to save it that we have to make drastic changes to our lifestyles and this couldn’t be further from the truth. It would be amazing if everyone decided to do a one – eighty and only think about the consequences to the planet and the other lives that share it, however if every single person just made small changes every day then we could collectively save this planet. 
If people only bought and used exactly what they needed and replaced it when it was necessary. If everyone choose the most sustainable option and limited their disposable items. If people reused what they could, when they could. If everyone just disposed of their waste responsibly. All these things are not massive changes that are going to affect the lifestyle you lead but they are going to have a massive impact on the world.
I have been doing a lot of study into this topic. It started by accident. One video on Facebook led to another, led to another and so on. I was horrified about the impact that we were having just by being ignorant and oblivious. It really got to me. 
In 11 years there really will be no more time. Global warming is happening, the rain forests (The lungs of the earth) are being destroyed, the oceans are so polluted that sea life are drowning in all our waste, the ice caps are melting and we are just sitting around buying all things we want absolutely oblivious to the sheer impact that it is having on the planet. 
The planet has been around for millions of years and in a few hundred we have destroyed it. We should be ashamed of ourselves but unfortunately the reality is people probably won’t start to take notice until its too late and it’s actually affecting their lives. 
Now this post might seem doom and gloom and terrifying but the reality is – We can change this. We have the power!! If every single person did something small everyday we could reverse to effects. We could make our planet sustainable for millions of years to come. 
From now on I will be doing a whole sustainable living / zero waste series. We are going to become earth warriors. We are going to become the superheros that the planet needs. Don’t be scared remember we can only do as much as we can and we don’t have to drastically change every aspect of our lives just change things here and there. 
We can do this. Your planet needs you! 
Join me!

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