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Hey Friends,
Today I am back with Part 2 of all the tips and tricks of little things that you can do that will help in the mission to save our planet. The way things are looking this could turn into a 20 part series. These are all small simple changes that most people probably wouldn’t even notice (even the people closest to you) but will have a massive impact on the environment and truly make a difference to the world. Most of us are lucky enough to live in a world full of choice. So lets use our choice and voices for the greater good of this planet and everyone that we share it with. Lets not have anymore species wiped out into extinction because of our selfishness. Lets not destroy habitats of the beautiful creatures on this earth because of our greed, laziness and need for instant gratification. Lets share this world with them and enjoy it for everything that it has to offer. Today I have five more little changes you can make in your own life that will not only help to save the planet but also your cash too!! What could be better than that. 

Get rid of / reduce disposables (single use plastic items)  

Ah disposables, you have probably heard the straw thing more than once, however it is a huge issue! Most disposables are things that we can buy reusable and sustainable. Off the top of my head I think of a few already such as toothbrushes, straws, cotton buds and razors. However most of these things can be bought made from sustainable materials which could last you so much longer. Take the straw, if you like straws you can buy them in bulk and throw them away after every use. There are other alternatives, you could by a metal or glass one for yourself and if they are for kids then you can by paper ones. With razors you can buy a pack of four every week or two weeks and throw them away…. or you could by a proper metal one that will be recyclable and will last you years to come. When buying your items think about whether you will get a lot of use out of it and whether you can get the exact same item or experience in a more sustainable way that will have little to no impact on the planet. 
Money saved – All the money you will save buying disposable one use items that you won’t even remember two seconds after you throw it away.

Buy what you need

We live in a world where we not only influenced by other people but we are also TOLD what we want and need, but think about it…do we really need alot of these items? Do they enrich our lives or give us a slight buzz of excitement for a day and a half. I am not saying we shouldn’t buy things, of course we should but we should only things as and when we need or really really want something. If you know you really want / need and you are going to use it and love it then of course you should buy it but picking up 3 shirts in the same colour is unnecessary for most people, picking up a novelty phone holder you are never going to use, the 47th notebook to add to your stationary collection, the 35th nail varnish in the slightly same shade. All of these are unnecessary and fund an industry that pollute our planet and promote cruelty to animals. You really want something? You really need something? Absolutely go ahead and buying but make the item worth the money you pay for it and the time and effort you put into storing it, cleaning it and using it. 

Make your own pet toys 

I think this is a fun one that I am definitely going to try out when I get a pup. You can make you our dog rope / tug o war toys out of old clothes. If you have an old t-shirt lying around, cut it up, plait it up and make your own unique pet toy. Your doggy will love it too because it will smell like you!! I think this is a fun to upcycle any unwanted clothes. 

Bring your own take away containers 

Alot of cafes and places that do lunch also serve to go and they will always provide the containers which is good. However if you are going to pick up a few pastries or a sandwich to go then bring your own container. This cuts down on unnecessary waste and you know where your container has been for extra hygiene comfort. You container will also be more durable for the travel to your destination to eat the product. The only thing I ask is please think about the container you are buying and trying not to go for plastic, choose glass or pyrex instead. I am currently on the look out for one as I have only been able to find plastic ones which I refuse to buy. 
Money Saved – Ok so I am not going to lie there might not be much money saved on this one but it does have advantages in not adding more to you rubbish & waste, keeping your purchases much safer when you are travelling with them and having a huge impact on the environment. 

Cruelty free products 

We have all seen the Iceland Christmas advert that got banned with Rang tang that highlighted the palm oil issue and many people including myself have stopped buying products with palm oil included (Nutella was probably the biggest loss Im not going to lie…. that was tough but the justice of the practices that are going on in the world is more important) However palm oil is just one of the many cruelties and injustices that the animals of our planet are suffering for. Animal testing is another huge problem. While it might be necessary in some case (although Im not sure where – maybe medical) the majority of it has to stop if not the entirety of it altogether. Why should animals be subjected to this so we can wear a shade of lipstick or be three times darker than our natural skin colour. I love make up and all that good stuff but now I am trying to be more animal friendly in my purchases. Just look for the cruelty free bunny on the packaging to make sure your new product hasn’t been tested on animals. If some companies can do it then why can’t all of them?? Look at your pet (dog, cat, bunny whichever) wouldn’t you do anything to protect them? Now imagine they were being abused and torched as a real life experiment so that people make themselves look pretty. There really is something wrong with this picture isn’t there?
Money Saved – This is a tough on to call. I have definitely saved money by reducing my beauty products and not buying palm oil products however it all depends on how many animal friendly products that you decide to buy. 

Here are five more ways that you can save the planet and yourself a few bob by being a bit more eco-friendly and ethical in your puchasing. If you decided to do all of these most wouldn’t even notice the changes without you telling them. You don’t have to change or give up your lifestyle to save the planet you can do everything you always did in a more sustainable eco-friendly way.
Please leave me a comment below and let me know if you have decided to try any of these, if you have any tips or tricks of your own or just your views on sustainability and ethical living in general! I would love to hear them!!

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Stay tuned for Part 3 coming very soon!! 

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comment! I know it can be so easy just to make an on the spot impulse purchase but like you said, most of the time we just end up regretting them. I think it's important to only bring things into our home with intention (atleast 99% of the time anyway) that way we can have a home filled with all the things that we love and we are also not contributing the huge waste problem that we currently have x

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