10 Top Selfcare tips

Self care is so important at a time like this! Being confined to your home can really mess with both your mental and physical health. It is our job to make sure we do what we can to make this time as easy as we possibly can for ourselves and the people around us. Here are 10 selfcare tips to help you with ideas.

In the past couple of weeks I have written posts with ideas of things to do while insolation (50 in two parts of 25) and my 6 tips to help with surviving isolation. Today however I want to focus on things we can to do to uplift us during this time. The things that make us laugh, make us smile and make us feel all fuzzy and content inside.

10 Selfcare tips  

1. Put away the phone

First things first, put away the phone, or tablet, or any device where you get constant updates about the covid-19 virus whether that be through the news or even social media. Yes it is important to stay updated but there is absolutely no need to fill your entire day with it and just constantly living in fear. It is no way to live. Give yourself time limits and focus on happier and uplifting apps that actually take your mind off of whats going for a while.  

2. Meditate

This can be a fantastic way of blocking out the world around you and just being at peace with yourself for a while. I must admit I find this difficult sometimes, however when I do it properly (which isn’t often I’ll admit) it’s actually as good as taking a nap. It’s so good for any anxiety you might be feeling too. You can check online for resources to help you and there are plenty of apps out there as well to get you started.   

3. Exercise

Depending on the restrictions in your country at the moment this might be difficult for you. However for most people it is not impossible. There are plenty of home workout demos online. Add one into your day. For a while you will forget all about the pandemic and the exercise will release all the endorphins to make you feel a little better about life  

4. Pamper night

A good old pamper night has to be thrown in for good measure. Take atleast one night to completely forget about all the troubles going on in the world and simply focus on you and your body. Focus on pampering it properly. Make a full night of it. Not only will you feel amazing after it but you will have spent the whole night enjoying yourself rather than worrying about what’s going on outside your front door.   

5. Get lost reading

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a hardback book. It can be an e-book, magazine, a blog post, anything you like. Get lost in another world where the coronavirus does not exist for a while. Alternatively if reading is not your thing, you can listen to audiobooks or podcasts. Get lost in someone elses life and adventure for a while. It can work wonders for the soul.  

6. Movie night / Series binge watch

As long as this is not done to excess this is 100% self care. You are taking time out to relax and enjoy entertainment. You are forgetting about your troubles and the troubles of the world and you are laughing along with the characters and watching their adventure. Freeing your mind for a while is definitely self care in my book.   

7. Call people that lift you up

This is a tricky one. Yes you need to call people that don’t always uplift you to check on them at this time. However in the sense of self care, call those that make you laugh and feel fabulous after taking to them. Try to steer clear of unhappy topics for the most part and focus on happier lighter stuff. I’m sure you could both do with a lift.   

8. Craft and Create

Ever wondered why children like to colour so much? Because its fun. I’m not saying you have to colour but crafting in any way can be so relaxing and freeing at the same time. No need to worry about whats going on outside because you have do much to do in here that needs your attention. Art can come in so many shapes and sizes so be creative in your way! you can always look online for inspiration!  

9. Play a game

Hands up who has been playing animal crossing recently. Guilty! although I have only been playing the smart phone app version, pocket camping. It’s actually really good and will be getting the real deal soon. (Boy, do they know how to time things) Anyway, whether it is animal crossing or not its good to play a game every now and then. Get transported into another world where there is no isolation and covid-19. Where you have to save princesses, fight dragons, jump on mushrooms or become friends with animals. Board games are also a fab way to interact with your family on a different and fun level believe me noone is going to be think about coronavirus when you are trying to build hotels and not go to jail on the monopoly board!  

10. music

Finally is music! What better escape is there in the world. You can listen to it online, dance around your bedroom, make up dance routines or learn real ones. Maybe you can do dance work outs or maybe you can learn how to play and instrument. Music not only speaks to soul but soothes it too.    These are my top ten selfcare tips to help you our during this unusual and confusing period in our history. I really hope they helped you! Please leave me a comment below if you have any ideas. I would love to hear them. It is important that we all help each other out at this time!  

Please leave me a comment a share any of your selfcare tips! It’s important that we all help each other out!!  

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Please wash your hands, stay indoors and stay away from others. You can genuinely save lives by doing this. Please whatever you decide to do during this time, stay safe and do not put yourself or anybody else in harms way.   

Stay safe my friends,     

Together we fight, together we win, 

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