25 (more) Things to do during isolation

Hey Friends,
Welcome to part two of this little mini series. Last friday I posted the first installment of 25 Things to do while in isolation and it was a very popular post. I am so glad you all enjoyed it. If someone had even told me last month that I would be writing posts about isolation I wouldn’t have believed them but alas here we are. Today I have part two for you, thats 50 ideas of things to do while you are self-isolating or stuck in lockdown. 
I also wrote a post on 6 top tips for surviving isolation I hope you enjoy them and they help you out a little during this strange and difficult time. 
Let’s begin – 

1. Update your CV

Depending on how this situation plays out you might need your CV again sometime soon. Use this time to prepare yourself for the best outcome possible. 

2. Make new playlists

If you are like me then you always love the idea of having different playlists for different occasions or activities like working out or cleaning but never seem to make the time to do it. Now is the time to sort them all out!

3. Create meal plans

Creating meal plans can be a little time consuming in the beginning. Now you can work it out so you can use all your quarantine food to its max potential. You can also plan for the future and make a productive meal plan for when you are back working again!

4. Sort out your email inbox

There is such a feeling of relief when this is done! spend an hour going through all your emails and getting rid of all the ones you are storing just because you were too lazy to delete them!

5. Make a wishlist

Wishlists are traditionally of items or products that we want to acquire. You can of course make one of these types of wishlists. They are always fun to think about. You can also make a wishlist of all the things you want that are not products and work towards them too! 

6. Ted talks

Ted talks can be inspiring, motivating, educational and helpful. Why not check one or two out?

7. Review your wardrobe

This can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding tasks. It can really put into perspective how many clothes you really do own.

8. Organise your bills

Now can be a good time to review your bills. Are you paying out more than you thought? Do you have any subscriptions you had forgot about? Can you get the same service cheaper somewhere else?

9. Delete old contacts from your phone

This doesn’t take very long yet none of us really do it. Why do we keep old contacts, we are never going to use again to clutter up our phones? Take ten minutes and clear them all out. 

10. Look for an online course

These days there are so many online courses you can take. They range drastically in price with loads of free resources available too. If you are looking to fill your time by learning a new skill then you should definitely look for a course online. The right one for you is bound to be out there. 

11. Update your social media profiles

I can be so bad at this sometimes but I am trying to be better. If your social media profiles are about three years out of date then take a few minutes and update them all. 

12. Find new podcasts

There is a podcast about just about anything these days. Why not see if you can find any new ones that float your boat? 

13. Review your budget

This can be a great time to just look over your personal budget and see where you are heading and whether you are on target with you your financial goals. This might also be a time where you might have to make some short term changes to adapt to the current situation we are dealing with.

14. Clean that junk drawer

Get on top of that junk drawer. It won’t take very long but, believe me, will you feel better when it is done. 

15. Research your dream career

You are so lucky if you already have your dream career but most people do not. Do you have a dream career? Why not take this time to research it and see if you can make it a reality! 

16. Face time Family and Friends

During this time of quarantine, self isolation and social distancing, it is more important than ever to use our technology to our advantage to see the people we love most. Use facetime to get that face to face human interaction that unfortunately we can’t do in person at the moment as its just not safe. It really does feel so much stronger than just simply calling.

17. Fix things around the house

Everyone has those odd jobs around the house that need to be done but get pushed back. Now is the time to finally get them out of the way once and for all. 

18. Review retirement options

This might seem like a boring one but it could save you a lot of money in the future. Maybe if you have an hour you should check out your options

19. Journaling

Journalling can be a very therapeutic way of working out everything. I must get back into this again. It’s a lot of fun and It can really bring out your creative side.

20. Write and send someone a hand written letter

I think this one is so cute and something we don’t do often enough. My partner always sends letters to his great grandmother in the UK and I just think it is one of the most adorable things in the world. 

21. Review your calendar

Review your calendar for the year, organise all your birthdays and events and book all your appointments (well all that you can considering the current situation we are in) Why not set yourself up for the rest of the year? You have the time! 

22. Create morning and evening routines

Routines are so important especially at a time like this. We have to keep as much normality in our lives as we can. Creating solid routines can set you up for success. If you are still unsure you can check out my post – The importance of routines and why you should consider having them in your life.

23. Create skincare routine

This is another one that tends to get put on the back burner a lot. as we get ‘ too tired’ or indeed lazy to make skincare an important part of their daily routine. Now you have plenty of time to build up that habit and hopefully it will carry through when things go back to normal again!

24. Offer to help

Right now it is super important to help out in anyway you can. If there is someway you can help out the people around you in anyway then please, now is the time to offer. But remember do it in a safe way.

25. Check on those in your life

At this time it is so important to make sure all those around you are safe. Virtually keep in contact and make sure they know you are there, especially the vulnerable and the high risk. These people are probably more scared than anyone else. They are probably completely alone because it is unsafe for the to be around people. Show that you care and you are there! Isolation will get very lonely for those who have noone or no pets in the house with them. We all have to work together to make this easier on everyone in the safest way possible. 
Once again I just want to say please wash your hands and stay indoors and away from others. You genuinely save lives by doing this. Please whatever you decide to do during this time, stay safe and do mot yourself or anyone else in harms way. 
Stay safe my friends,
Together we fight, Together we win
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