6 Top tips for surviving isolation

Hey friends,
Today I am writing to you in a very weird time in history. We are currently in the grips of a world wide pandemic. During this time we all have to band together, look after each other and do what we can to keep ourselves and those around us safe.
One of the best things we can do at this time is to self-isolate where possible. Not only does this keep you safe but also those around you, especially the most vulnerable.
A country in lockdown can be a very sad a depressing place to be, but it doesn’t need to be that way. It is important that we mind ourselves and our mental health at this time. 
I would like to share with you my six tips for not only surviving but thriving during this unusual period of our lives. 

1. Vitamins, Vitamins, Vitamins

Will vitamin C save you from Covid-19? No probably not but it will help your body to fight it. Since being put into isolation I have made it my business to make sure I am taking the vitamins necessary to give my body the best chance at fighting this should the time arise. So during my new daily routine, I take a cherry, turmeric complex with breakfast which includes other goodies such as ginger and garlic. I take a probiotic with lunch to help my gut and build up good bacteria. I also eat an orange at lunch to build up my vitamin C intake. I take vitamin B complex with dinner. This is good for helping you with your psychological well-being and with the feeling of the ability to cope. This is massively important right now with everything that is going on. As a vegetarian I also like to pack my dinners with loads of veg and I add in a pinch of ginger (just for good measure). Finally throughout the day I have taken to drinking tea with honey and lemon in it and I have been drinking lots of water. Staying hydrated is so important. All of this is in hope of boosting both my immune system and my mental ability to cope with all the changes going on around me. I am not a doctor and definitely don’t claim to be, I am just doing all this to hopefully give my body the fighting chance it needs. At the moment it seems to be working but it is early days here in Ireland right now, fingers-crossed it continues to work. 

2. Routines

During this time it is important to keep as much of our normal life as we can. It is important to keep as much of our daily routine as we possibly can. For example it would be so easy for me (and most people) to just sit around in pjs all day, watching TV or scrolling on instagram. Sure this can be fun for a day or two but soon the feeling will come of being down, depressed, no purpose in the day, nothing to get up for, no reason for being. This is not ok. We need to take a pro-active approach to giving each day meaning and purpose. For me I have kept my morning routine. I make the bed, get dressed for the day. Some days I put on makeup, somedays I don’t. I make dinner at the same time I usually would. I shower everyday, even though I probably don’t need to because my house isn’t dirty but this routine tells me about the day and that normality still exists, its just been postponed. Now because I am at home I am creating new temporary routines like house cleaning changes, home workout routine, new lunch time routine. All this is important and fun! Life is what you make it! Always has been. Always will be. Your life is important. Don’t forget that!

3. Stay Connected

It is so easy to feel lonely in a situation like this so make people a priority. Face time and get that human interaction. Its great just to call someone but sometimes seeing there face will give you a whole different vibe and can really brighten up your day. Some of us are very fortunate, I get to spend isolation with my boyfriend and kitty cat but not everyone is so lucky. If you are one of the lucky people who are in a good situation don’t forget about the people you know that are not. Check in on them, offer help if you are in a position too. We are all in this together! Together we fight, Together we win. 

4. Exercise

Okay so we all know that sitting down for 14 days to 6 weeks and just eating is not good for anyone. Again we have to be pro-active about out health. Get on youtube and find workout videos appropriate for you, walk around the house, run around your garden, deep clean your house. The most important thing is to stay active. Like many of you I have a smart watch, if you too have one then use it your advantage. Give yourself step and activity goals, that way you won’t become too unhealthy, unfit or lethargic. Exercise also releases happy endorphins which as most you will agree are very much needed right now.

5. Goals

Creating goals for the time you have to spend at home is another way to stay productive, active and accomplished at the same time. How many times have thought ‘There just are not enough hours in the day!’ or ‘If only I had the time to do that’. Well now you do. Make a list of all the things you want to get done whether that be tasks you have been meaning to get to like washing the curtains or windows or fun stuff like learning a new skill like crochet or learning a language. Write it all down on a list and get going! I am all for turning a negative into a positive, yes you can’t leave your house but when you can you will be able to speak french! 

6. Selfcare

This is another really important one. During this time we have make ourselves a priority. Its time to use some of this free time to really nurture our mind, body and souls. This can be through masks and bubble baths, reading, music, art, meditation, anything that makes you feel good and refreshed. We always say we don’t have the time for selfcare. Well now we do, make sure to use it wisely. 
These are my six tips for surviving isolation. Remember guys we are in this together. And if you do happen to get Covid-19 don’t panic ring your GP or designated number in your country . If you are in Ireland the HSE Triage number is 1850241850 (I have it in my phone just incase) and follow their advice. Stay safe friends. Be sensible and don’t put yourself or others in harms way. In unity we are strong and we need to look out for each other. Together we fight, Together we win. 

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  1. I just began taking my vitamins again! They honestly do make me feel better and I do hope that they can help me fight if I do end up getting sick. Thank you for your post, I think everyone needs a little help on ways to not feel so anxious in such a scary time.

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