30 before I’m 30 ~ Review

Its hard to believe that I am actually writing this but last Saturday the 11th of April I turned thirty years old. Where as the time gone eh? Oh well on to the next chapter lets hope it’s just as exciting and full of fun. Time to look at my 30 before 30 list!

I thought it was about time to do a review of the list I made of thirty things I am going to do before I am thirty and (again, hard to believe I am saying this) in the near future I will be making a list of forty things I am going to do before I am forty. That’s so weird to even think about. 

Anyhooo lets have a look at all the things I said I wanted to do and lets see how many I actually did. The funny thing is at the time of writing this list, these were all the things I thought I wanted to do, however we change as people over time so somethings I thought I wanted a simply don’t anymore and others will have to carry on into the next phase in my life and that’s okay too. I would also like to point out that I made 

30 before 30 list

1. Learn at least one new language

I did spend a lot of time over a period of a few months freshening up my Irish. However I don’t count that as a new language. I don’t know why I didn’t focus on this more as it is something I would like to achieve so I think I will be carrying this on but we will see. 

2. Jump out of a plane

Again this is something I would like to do but never put enough effort into getting it done. 

3. Get a tattoo

You know this I’m not sure this is something I want anymore and I don’t think I will be carrying this through but I will have a think about it. 

4. See Ed Sheerhan Live

This I did last year. I went to see him live with my mother when he came to Ireland. It was a glorious summers day and he was absolutely fabulous!

5. Go to Crufts Dog Show

I have actually been twice now. The most recent time being last month! It was so much fun! It’s one of the best places in the world and I will be going next year too hopefully!  

6. Go to Ladies Day at the races

I am not really going to get into it but my opinion has completely changed when it comes to animal racing. I have learned about the cruelty involved in those sports and don’t agree with the practices taking place. I don’t understand why people can’t do things properly and humanely.   

7. Run a half marathon

I did actually participate in a half marathon. I walked it with my mother. My mother is a breast cancer survivor  and we walked the half marathon on behalf of ARC house cancer support here in Ireland. It was a really good experience and I hope to do it again. I didn’t run though so I didn’t cross it off.

8. Get my fortune told

I got this done in January and honestly it was an amazing experience. The woman was fab and knew way more than she should. There was noway she could have known half the things she did. I went with my mother and my aunt and it was an experience we will never forget.  

9. Be in a studio audience

This is one I still want to do. Hopefully the Late Late Toy Show! That would be a dream come true!  

10. Invent a Cocktail

I actually don’t really drink anymore and haven’t for years so this one seems pretty pointless now.

11. Go to a drive in cinema

I had the tickets booked and sorted and then we couldn’t make it. Now they have closed the place down. If they open up again I will definitely be checking it out! I have been to an outdoor cinema, does that count?

12. Create a scrapbook / photo album

I did organise a photo album containing most of my lifes story. It’s so lovely and I am so glad I did it!

13. Buy an expensive bag, shoes or watch

I am currently reading Little Women and I am going to count it. I am not finished but am enjoyed it so far! I have read so many books in the past five years but unfortunately none that I would have called classics. That is changing now.  

14. Read a classic book

I am currently reading Little Women and I am going to count it. I am not finished but am enjoyed it so far! I have read so many books in the past five years but unfortunately none that I would have called classics. That is changing now.

15. Travel to at least five places on my list

The only places I have traveled in the past five years are around Ireland and the UK. To be honest I think I need to make a new list as I don’t even remember what was on that list. 

16. Go to a pantomime

Christmas 2018 my mother, sister and I had a girls shopping day and went to see a pantomime that evening. It was Cinderella and it was so much fun! Definitely worth going to!  

17. Go Horse Riding

In the past five years I have horse riding on three different occasions and loved every single one! I love horse riding and hope to do it again in the near future!  

18. Learn to cook more and eat cleaner

I am now a vegetarian, cook all the time and I am healthier than I have ever been in my life. I think I pass this one with flying colours!  

19. Learn a craft

In the past five years I have been quite crafty however my biggest success and newest passion is knitting. I now have my own Etsy store called – Woolly Pigs – where you can view and purchase all my handmade knitted items. Pop over and check them out! I hope you will love them as much as I do!   

20. Go to more comedy gigs

I finally got to see my main man live – Russel Howard and it was fab!! He came to Ireland four years ago and I was able to see him live in Dublin!

21. Try as many fitness classes as possible

This is one can’t believe I haven’t done yet and will be changing it!

22. Take a dance class

This is another one I was only think about recently and one I would like to actually complete. 

23. Go to IMATS and Blogger events

Sadly because I kept this my little hobby for so long I have not attended blogger events yet but I hope to change this in the future.   

24. Get a puppy

This is something I have wanted for so long but it has never been the write time. However we are going to pick up a little adopted doggie in the very near future. It was supposed to be in May but we will have to see which way things go with current circumstances as they are. Hopefully lockdown will get lifted soon.   

25. Reconnect

This one I have definitely done. I have made it my mission to re-connect and stay in contact with the people that mean the most to me.   

26. Watch Classic Movies

I haven’t watched many classics (unless you consider old Disney movies) but I did start watching the Star Wars movies and I do consider them to be classics that everyone has to watch. 

27. Attend a musical

This is one I haven’t completed yet but would still like to do in the future.

28. Go back to college and do another course

A couple of years ago I went back to college and completed a years course in digital and social media marketing. It was so much fun and I learned so much! I recommended anyone go back to education if they are thinking about it. You won’t regret it.   

29. Play video games

I play games on my phone and tablet all the time but I’m not sure if this counts. I am hoping to get a new DS though! I love Nintendo DS. I used to have one until my sister broke it. I want to get a new one and the Animal Crossing games to see what all the fuss is about. 

30. Be my own boss

Its so crazy to think that I am. I have my little Etsy store – Woolly Pigs and my blog. I am so lucky that I get to do something everyday that I enjoy so much and fill me with passion!! 

I don’t think that’s particularly bad to be honest and I had loads of fun doing the 30 before 30 list! Soon I will be posting my list of 40 things I want to do before I am 40. It’s actually alot of fun to think about all the things you want to do and to think about filling your life with things and experiences you love.   

Stay Safe, 

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  1. Girl, this is awesome! I’m already 34; so my list will have to be 40 before I’m 40; but what a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can finish the ones you want to! Um, you have GOT to go to a musical! We have a local, outdoor theater called, ‘The Muny’ in Forest Park – and they do several musicals each year. If I’m not mistaken they’ve recently turned 100! I try to go to at least one show a year – it’s one of my favorite pastimes! 🙂

    1. Ah thank you! 40 Before 40 will be next one my list too! Yeah it’ always been in my head that I want to go to a musical I just never got around to it. I am going to make it a priority this year though when all this madness is over. This situation has made me more determined then ever to get out there and do all things I want to because life is too short.

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