5 Benefits of embracing a social media detox

Should you consider trying out a social media detox?

Yes. Today I am going to share with you all the benefits you can expect to enjoy from embracing a social media detox (even if it just a short one!). Right now we have more time then ever to spend on our phones, tablets and laptops, scrolling away until the day is gone. Sometimes this can have all kinds of adverse effects on the body and mind.

Undesirable effects of social media

Spending too much time on social media can have many undesirable side effects such as –

  • Increased stress and anxiety levels
  • Increased feeling of lethargy
  • Increased periods of activeness
  • Increased levels of FOMO (Fear of missing out)
  • Increased self image issuses due to comparisson

Its not all bad

Now don’t get me wrong. I love social media. I work with it everyday. I find it fascinating and so wonderful to use. However it must be used correctly, safely and in proportion to your daily life. Just like anything else, it is meant to add to your life not take away from it. This is why if you think that you are spending too much time on social media then a social media detox might just be the thing for you!

My Top Five Benefits to a Social Media Detox

  1. Decreased levels of stress and anxiety. Have you ever thought about how much stress and anxiety social media actually causes you when you consumer a high volume of it? Although there is so much good on social media there is also alot of negativity and sadness too especially with the current pandemic the world is facing. Be careful what you choose to consume. For example I have a filter on my Facebook account so that I don’t have to see violent or distressing videos, such as animal abuse. Why would I want to see this content? There is also the stress of comparison and FOMO to think about. By even cutting down you social media intake by a little each day you could reduce your daily stress and anxiety levels.
  2. Deeper Relationships. Isn’t it funny how we can spend so much time on social media but miss the people right in front of us. Nothing ticks me off more then seeing people eating out in a restaurant or having a coffee and all of them on their phones. Missing out on enjoying the people in your life is such a waste if you ask me. So put down the phone for a while and spend time with the people (and animals of course) in your REAL life.
  3. Living in the moment. Ever wondered how much you miss out on when your head is stuck in a phone? The funny thing is we spend so much time looking at or reading about other peoples adventures and it never dawns on us to go out and do it for ourselves. We prefer to live vicariously through other people and wish it was us then get of the phone and do something about it. When you put down the phone for a while you will realise how much fun living in the moment can be.
  4. Drive and Focus. Without your nose in your phone you will have so much more focus and drive to go out and achieve your goals. You will be much more determind and have more energy to get things done.
  5. Mindfulness and Happiness. You will find yourself after a short while of detoxing becoming more mindful of the world around you. You will become aware of all the wonderful things in your real life. This feeling will soon turn to gratitude and then turn into happiness. You will become so happy about all the things you have in your life including your phone and your social media platforms.

Is a social media detox for you? I believe embracing a social media detox is beneficial to everyone. Remember it doesn’t have to be a month, a week, even a weekend. It could just be an hour less a day. Whatever you feel is right for you!

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  1. Such an important message. I think all of us bloggers agree on the positives of social media but we all need time off sometimes. Another thing that I notice is that due to the sheer volume of content out there it’s difficult to slow down and actually take it in without rushing to read the next post x

    1. Thank you! We definitely need to take a little break every now and then! I know what you mean I have to remind myself to slow too sometimes. I am forever multi-tasking without even thinking x

  2. This is a GREAT post! Prior to kids, my hubby and I would turn our phones off EVERY Sunday. We’d go out, drive around, just goof off or whatever we felt like. It was wonderful! Nowadays, that’s easier said than done…as I’m ALWAYS taking pictures of said kids LOL. But, I may try to begin implementing this again – maybe I’ll re-invest in an ACTUAL camera! 🙂

    1. Ah that sounds like such a good time. It’s so nice to really be there and enjoy the moment but I can completely understand how much harder than would be having kids haha. I’d want to take photo’s of them all the time to!!

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