10 Superb ways to save money in the summer

Sometimes it can seem so hard to save money in the summer time. It is a time where we what to do everything and join in on all the fun! Of course we should do this but there are a few ways we can save money at the same time! Today I am sharing with you 10 superb ways to save money in the summer.

1. Have a staycation

Most of us have no choice this year but to have a staycation. This is not a bad thing! It allows us to fully appreciate our homes, the people in it and our surrounding area. We will save so much money by having a staycation than venturing out to another country for a couple of weeks. I have put a list together of the ultimate summer must haves for a staycation. Even if you decide to pick up on of these items to have the perfect staycation at home it still wouldn’t cost nearly as much as going on an actual holiday.

2. Get fit outside

Why don’t you give up the gym membership for a while or just cut down on classes and replace them with getting fit outside. You can try yoga on the beach or in the park or even your back garden. You can go for a run outside instead of on a treadmill. Why exercise in a room when the world is your oyster for free?

3. Dry your clothes outside

When the weather is fabulous there is absolutely no need to use a clothes dryer to dry your clothes. If you don’t have one already, set up a line outside and let nature take care of it. Sunlight is also a natural sanitizer. It’s better for environment and cheaper for you!

4. Take advantage of free outdoor activities

Now is a perfect time to get back to nature and do a little re-wilding. Depending on the covid-19 restrictions in your country why not start doing activities like spending the day at the beach, park, lake, in the mountains or in the water. It’s good for you, excellent exercise and completely free!!

5. Eat al fresco

Having a picnic is the perfect way to enjoy eating out in the summer time. You can choose the most scenic location and dine for a fraction of the price you would in a restaurant or cafe. I know they are currently all closed in most countries but when they do re-open I still recommend every once in a while packing up a beautiful lunch and getting lost somewhere wonderful for the day!

6. Drop the AC

If you have air-conditioning in your home then try having the temperature a little higher than you usually would have. You can save a ton of money just by changing the temperature by one of two degrees.

7. Make your own ice lollies / Popsicles

This might seem like an old school one, I remember making them as a child with my mother and siblings. It might not save you a ton of money but it’s fun so why not. Next monday I will sending all my wonderful email subscribers an email helping you with a whole how to and suggestions for this one. If you are not subscribed already you can pop you email below and join in on all the fun!

8. Eat fresh and local

Nothing better than fresh fruit and veg in the summer. I know I eat salads all the time in summer and they are so much cheaper to make then hearty winter dinners. Eat fresh and local and you will save so much money during the summer.

9. Drink water

This is obviously important all year around however in summer with heat it can be so much more vital to your well being (Take it from someone who spent two days in bed in Italy with dehydration) The perk of drinking water is that it’s free. This means if you get water at a restaurant it will save you so much money. It also fills you up so you are not as hungry as often and it saves you doctors visits and a medical bill when you get severely dehydrated.

10. Cycle or walk

When the weather is so nice it gives us the option (assuming we live close enough) to cycle or walk to work or the shop or to visit people. Again depending on the covid-19 laws in your country. We can save so much money on petrol / gas or parking if we just choose to walk instead. It’s better for us, the planet & our wallets.

I hope you enjoyed my list of 10 superb ways to save money in the summer. I hope it has given you a little inspiration to save a little money and still have an absolutely fab summer!!

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