10 ultimate staycation at home summer must haves

This will be a summer with a difference but just because you are at home doesn’t the summer is a write off. This summer can be the most memorable summer you ever had all you need is a little inspiration and imagination. Be creative and think outside of the box. Don’t worry I am here to help you with 10 ultimate staycation at home summer must haves.

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Whether you have children or it’s just you two of you, or maybe you are part of a larger family in the one home I am sure there is something in this list that will fit your lifestyle perfectly.

10 ultimate must haves

1. Sun loungers

Personally I think sun loungers are one of the best things ever invented. Why not catch some rays in your garden? Why not do it in style and comfort!? What a perfect way to enjoy the sun!

2. Outdoor Sun Umbrella

Why not add in a sun umbrella and be a little extra? This means you will be able to stay out in the sun for longer and it’s better protection for you too. I personally also think it makes me feel a little be fancy too! I love the pattern of this one too!! Win win!

3. Fire Pit

What could be better than a long summers evening by an outside fire? Roasting marshmallows, singing songs and telling stories. It truly is what memories are made of. I’m getting wistful just thinking about it! Add this fire pit to your backyard and you can make those memories happen this year!

4. BBQ Grill

You might have seen this tip before but there is honestly no better smell in the summer than a BBQ. That’s why for me this is an absolute must have! This year most of our time will be in our home so there is no better time to invest in a proper grill like this one!

5. Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are so much fun whether you have kids or not. These days they don’t cost a bomb either & they have so many different sizes and styles to choose from too! Make your staycation a real vacation with your sun lounger by the pool casually popping in when the sun is a little too hot.

6. Sandpit

One of my earliest memories is making sandcastles on the beach. I bet you have this memory too. You can relive this by including a sandpit to your back yard. This one even comes with a lid so it can’t get contaminated (as long as you remember to close it after you of course)

7. Back yard camping

Camping is such a fun, bonding experience even if its just in your back yard. After a night of roasting marshmallows, story telling and star gazing why not camp out and really enjoy the wilderness experience.

8. Garden Cocktail Bar

Why not have a cocktail on your sun lounger by the pool? Have a little music playing and enjoy your own personal holiday bar! What better way to break up an afternoon of sun bathing than a pina colada at your own private bar!

9. Picnic Hamper

Having a picnic is such a lovely way to spend a summers afternoon! You can create your very own afternoon tea with scones, tea cakes and tea of course! or you could get all adventurous. I think its a wonderful way to spend quality time with the people you love

10. Fire Tablet 7 / Kindle

Summer vacation and reading just seem to go hand in hand. Why not pick yourself up a Kindle and keep all your summer reads in the same place! This Fire 7 Tablet offers not only kindle but Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, video, Spotify, audible and more! Have all your entertainment needs on hand without having to leave your sun lounger!

These are my 10 ultimate staycation at home summer must haves!! I hope you enjoyed this post please leave me a comment and tell me if you decide to try any of these out! Or if you have any tips of your own!! I would love to hear them!

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