10 Creative ways to use coconut oil

We all know coconut oil is a wonder product. It’s natural, it smells good. I always make sure I have some on hand at all times! I love multi – use products like this. It means less clutter in the house too. Today I wanted to share you ten creative ways to use coconut oil. Some of these you may already know but others might surprise you!

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Ten Uses for coconut oil

  1. Increase your metabolism
  2. Improve your dental health
  3. Effective moisturiser & can relieve skin irritation like eczema
  4. Effective hair mask & can protect your hair from damage
  5. Can be used to make a non-toxic insect repellent
  6. Can be used with baking soda to remove stains
  7. Can heal your cuticles
  8. Effective makeup remover
  9. Can make wood shine
  10. Can be used as a lip balm

I cannot express enough how useful coconut oil is. I always keep a jar in the bathroom and use it as a natural hair mask. I love natural hair masks. Recently I shared with you my simple ‘2 ingredient’ hair mask. I also love that one too of course but my ‘go to’ would be coconut oil. Also as a little extra bonus tip. It is great for shaving your legs too! This is just ten creative ways to use coconut oil but there are so many more. It is such a fabulous mutli-use product.

Please leave me a comment below if you have any more use for this wonderful product! I would love to hear them!

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