5 Beautiful pet friendly house plants

So you want to add some green to your home but your afraid they might be toxic to your fur-baby? Yeah I know the feeling. Joe and I literally had to rush Lola (our kitty) to the vet on my birthday last year because she decided to munch on the deadly (we didn’t know it at the time) Easter Lillies Joe had bought me for my birthday. So yeah I spent my birthday, all dressed up at the vets. Lola always has impeccable timing. This is why I have decided to share 5 beautiful pet friendly house plants so that you will never have to spend a birthday in the vets like me! (She’s fine by the way)

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5 Beautiful pet friendly house plants

1. Money Tree

This might have a misleading name but it the money tree is a beautiful plant nonetheless. It’s also a relatively lo maintenance plant that won’t quit on you easily.

2. Palms

If you are planning on injecting a tropical vibe into your home then you will be happy to know that many varieties of palms are not toxic to your cuddly friends.

3. Spider Plant

Not the prettiest of names the spider plant but it is a very pretty plant and they make excellent hanging plants too.

4. Wax plant

Wax plants are so easy to keep so they are a no brainer. The look pretty with very little work involved

5. Bamboo Plants

Another way to add tropical vibes into your home is with a sturdy no nonsense but super pretty bamboo plant

I love having plants in the home. I think it is one of the quickest ways to brighten up and style up your space. These are just 5 beautiful pet friendly house plants but there are many more. These are just my favourites!

Please leave me a comment below and tell me which is you favourite pet friendly house plant! I would love to know!

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