5 Simple things you can do to save the planet & your money (Part 8)

Welcome back to my little 5 simple things series. Today we are on part eight. If you have not seen this series before, each post I share with five little simple things that will not have a major impact on your lifestyle but will have a major impact on the planet.

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A lot people think that to be eco-friendly you have to change your whole life and that is not true at all! If everyone just made little changes to their life then it would have a massive effect on our beautiful planet.

5 Simple things

1. Dry your clothes outside

Now that the weather is getting warmer again it is much easier to dry our clothes naturally. Not only will it save you money but it is also much better for the clothes too. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant, your clothes will not shrink or get damaged by the dryer and life of your clothes will be extended.

Money Saved – The money saved on your eletricity bill and not having to replace your clothes as quickly.

2. Using dryer balls

Let’s face it there will be times you will have to use the clothes dryer. Especially in winter, sometimes it is unavoidable. In this case you can pick yourself up some eco friendly wool dryer balls. These reduce drying time, elimitates static and they are sustainable.

Money Saved – On the electricity bill as it reduces drying time.

3. Silcone sandwich bags & Beeswax wraps

Wrapping up your food at home can be a tricky one. Neither cling film or aluminum foil are eco friendly thats why I suggest these silicone sandwich bags or Beeswax wraps. These are environmentally friendly, sustainable and reusable.

Money Saved – All the money you would wasted buying clingfilm or aluminum foil.

4. Reduce your heating

There is probably no need for having the heating on as high as it is or for as long as you have it on for. Especially coming into summer time. Maybe the same could be said for air-conditioning. Just by lowering them a few degrees you can save the environment and a ton of money too.

Money Saved – Reduced bills = money saved

5. Pack your own lunch

There is no need to buy your lunch everyday you are at work, or even if you are just out for the day. Pack a lunch and have a picnic. It is so much cheap, healthier and better for the enviornment.

Money Saved – It is so much cheaper to pack your own lunch than to buy one.

These are my 5 simple things for this week. Please leave me a comment below and let me know if you have tried any of these or if you have any ideas of your own! I would love to hear them!

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