8 productivity tips so you can kick a$$

I love sharing all my productivity and goal getting tips with you guys here!! Let’s all succeed together!! Recently at the beginning of lockdown I shared – 5 Top tips for working from home and the past I have shared 1 Simple trick that will boost your productivity, How to create your goals and achieve them & many more. Today I wanted to help you up your game by sharing 8 productivity tips so can kick a$$.

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8 Productivity tips so can kick ass

1.Single Tasking

Do one task at a time. Give that task your full attention. How can you be expected to do your best work when you have Catfish or Friends on in the background? Or if you are trying to complete more than one task at a time. Sure you might get them all done but chances are it won’t be your best work and you will be stressed out by the end of it!

2. The 5 minute rule

No not that one! My five minute rule is that if anything takes less than five minutes to do then just do it! Whats the point in thinking about it for an hour? Just do it and you will free from your mind and list.

3. To do lists

Structure your day and your time. Don’t just let stuff happen. Otherwise you will waste all your precious time on trivial less important tasks and won’t have time for the really important ones. I’ve seen people use calendar blocking which really seems to work for them. I like to make lists in order with a rough idea of how much time they are going to take up. Whatver works for you go for it just don’t go with the flow and see what happens. Take control of your day.

4. Just start

Sometimes we spend more timing talking about doing something then it would actually take to do it. If motivation is low then tell yourself you are going to do it for 10 mins and then you can stop if you want. Chances are once you get into it you will be flying you just needed to start.

5. Look for ways to automate

Depending on your line of work I am sure there are many ways to automate certain parts of the process. Look into the this further and will save you so much time and money in the long run. Why waste all your time doing something manually when you can get it done automatically while you work on other stuff.

6. Get help

Don’t be under an illusion that you know everything or that everything you are doing is right. Get help. Take online classes / courses. I am currently on my 3rd short course this month with Udemy. I have also read an Ebook which I have purchased – Chic Pursuit – How to make a living with Amazon Affiliates . I highly recommend you check this book out if it suits your business. It’s was totally worth the purchase I learned so much from it! My point is in order to grow you business and as a person you need to keep learning new and better ways to be productive with your time.

7. Prioritize

Look at your tasks each day and prioritze the them. That way if something comes up the ones that were important and absolutely have to get done still will. Make sure you know each day what needs to be done with no excuses! This way you will never fail to deliver.

8. Have templates

You can either create these yourself or either find them for free or buy them online . Either way if you have a task you do often create a template for it. Don’t start from scratch each time that’s just going to cost you time and money. Work smart not hard.

These are my 8 productivity tips so that you can kick a$$!! I believe in you! You got this!

Please leave me a comment below with any of your tips ! We can all kick a$$ together!! Also I would love to know if you try any of these out and how you get on!!

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