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Sick of being stuck indoors but don’t have a garden. I know the feeling although I live in a beautiful countryside area by the sea, but I live in an apartment so I don’t have a garden. I love the outdoors and just being with nature. I find it so beautiful and calming at the same time. Then I thought – Why not bring the outdoors inside? Today I am going to share with you five tips that will hopefully help you to bring the wild into your home.

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1.Hanging Plants

I love hanging plants! They are so beautiful and it is such an effortless way to bring some natural beauty into your home.

2. Sounds of nature

Sometimes the sounds of nature can have a calming effect on the mind and soul, especially of you are practicing yoga and doing some meditation. For this you can use YouTube, Spotify or there are even some apps out there designed for this.

3. Succulents

How cute are succulents? I just love them! Dotted around the house I think they brighten up any home. They make you feel connected to the outside as well as adding some fun and style to the room!

4. Scents of the wilderness

Okay so maybe you don’t want to bring in the scent of the farm into your living room but maybe you want to bring in some scents of the rain forest into your home instead. Why not try using some scented candles, wax melts or oils to give you house a more fresh forest or earthy feel.

5. Floor Plants

Majestic floor plants really bring the outdoors inside like no other don’t they! They can make any room feel like a tropical wilderness. I just love them! You can even decor them (safely) with lights if you want to add a little something to make it a little more jazzy!

These are my five ides on how you can bring the outdoors inside. I think being surrounded by nature is such a beautiful thing. Please let me know if you try out any of these! I would love to hear all about it.

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  1. I love my succulents so much and my next plan is to get some bigger potted green plants, like a spider plant or a peace lily! Really like the idea of playing nature sounds xx

  2. My succulents and cacti have been an absolute pleasure to have inside my flat during this time – since I am back in the city I am looking to buy more plants to make the place look and feel more biophillic!

  3. This is great! I wasn’t a huge fan of indoor plants; as I’m terrible at watering and my cats like to try to eat them! BUT, my Grandma passed away last November and I got to bring a few of the plants from her funeral home – and so far, knock on wood, I’ve managed to keep them alive! They’re amazing to see every day!

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your grandma but it’s so nice that you have all those plants. You have her all around you every day and that’s really special. xx

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