Zero waste travel essentials (non beauty)

A couple of weeks ago we talked about zero waste travel essentials, beauty wise. Today I want to walk about all about the zero waste travel essentials that are non beauty items.

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Question for today ~ Where are you planning on taking your first trip when you are allowed to travel again? I think I’m going to plan a nice trip to France.

Today I have chosen five items that most people would use or need while on a trip or holiday that can be swapped out for their more eco friendly counterparts.

5 zero waste travel essentials (non-beauty)

1. Water Bottle & Coffee Cup

Chances are that even just travelling to your destination, before your holiday even begins, you will purchase a coffee or tea and a bottle of water of soft drink (soda). So why not save the plastic and bring your own water bottle & coffee cups. Most places have refills for water and any coffee place will put your coffee in your own cup (sometimes you even get a discount when you bring your own cup). Not only that, before you set off you can make your own coffee and fill your water bottle. Saves you money and the planet at the same time.

2. Reusable Straws

If you are a straw person and you need one in your life to drink your beverages, then you need to pick yourself up a pack of reusable straws. They are super handy for both hot and cold drinks and the save on all that wasted plastic too!

3. Shopping bags

Most people plan on doing a little shopping when they are on holidays even if its just a little bit. So travel prepared! Bring an extra cotton bag or two for any purchased you might make while you are there.

4. Bamboo Cutlery & Cloth napkins

Depending on where you are going and you plans for your holiday cloth napkins and bamboo cutlery might come in very useful. When Joe and I were on our 10 day UK road trip we found these really useful and we didn’t always eat in fancy restaurants each day. They are so handy for eating on the go!

Reusable containers

It is always good to have reusable containers on hand. The are good for packing your lunch if you are on an active or theme park holiday. They are good for taking leftovers from a meal, buying food items at a market or even just keeping things safe on you bag. I can’t stress enough how handy it is to have atleast one, if not two in your travel bag.

Hopefully this post is helpful I have included links where possible to help you out. Please leave me a comment below with any zero waste travel essentials that you have that I may have missed out on! I’d love to know!

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  1. I had never thought of bamboo cutlery! What an idea! I’ll definitely save that thought for our next trip – which, honestly I’m not sure where that will be too. I do know that I want my two little guys to see a beach, so maybe we’ll take a trip to South Carolina or somewhere in that area!

    1. Awh that sounds fab! Beach days are the best! The boys will love it! And the bamboo cutlery will definitely come in handy for a picnic on the beach!x

  2. I always carry a reusable coffee mug and water bottle around. And at home I have my reusable cotton rounds 👌🏼 Such a simple thing, but makes a huge difference.

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