10 Productive things to do when you are bored

Boredom catches us all every now and then. It is completely normal but why not use this time to do something productive. You have the time so use it wisely. Here are 10 productive things to do when you are bored

10 Productive things to do when you are bored

1. Read or listen to motivational material

You could use your time to get inspired. There are so many inspiring people in the world why not read about them or listen to an audiobook or podcast. Get inspired about your life, helping people, your business or just the world in general.

2. Dust the house

Okay how often do you really dust your house? I know I definitely don’t do it as often as I should!! If you have some time to kill then why not dust your home. Not only will it be cleaner but it will also be healthier for you too not breathing that in all the time.

3. Tackle that job

You know the one I mean. The one that has been on your to do list FOREVER but you keep pushing it off. Now you have so time to spare, get on it!

4. Go through your finances

Are you really using your money wisely. Could you have a better plan for it? Why not go through your income and all your expenses? If you don’t have one already then I highly recommend you create a budget for yourself. Your boredom could end up saving you a lot of more in the future! If you need help you can check out my post – 5 Things to remember when creating your budget. I have even included free printables with all the items you can add into your budget!

5. Create a goals action plan

I’m sure you have loads of goals and things you want to achieve in life but do you have a plan in place to achieve them? Why not make an action towards them today? If you need some help you can check out my post – How to create you goals and achieve them.

6. Make your kitchen more user friendly

Could your kitchen be more organised or more user friendly? Maybe take some time to really look at, organise, declutter and appreciate your kitchen. Make being in there a pleasurable experience.

7. Organise and declutter your wardrobe

Most of us have good intentions but we rarely actually go ahead and do it. If you have the time really go through your ward and keep only those you truly love.

8. Organise and deep clean your bathroom

For some reason I feel like the bathroom is the one room in the house that when it’s clean you just feel at peace. Why not deep clean your bathroom and go through and organise all your products.

9. Learn something you have always wanted to

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn? How to cook? How to apply makeup? Dog grooming? Yoga? Pottery? Italian? Hip Hop? Karate? Well take this time and look into it. Where can you learn? How can you learn? Make the first move or it’s never going to happen.

10. Do something active

Instead of just being bored lying around the house why not get and get moving!? Go for a walk, dance around the house, do a home work out with Mr motivator. Your body will thank you for it.

These are my 10 productive things to do when you are bored. I hope they help you! Remember there is always something fun to do! You just have to look!

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