20 Evening routine ideas

I have often talked about routines here on this blog. In the past I was a little dismissive of routines but as I have said before once you see the true genius of them and feel the full power behind them it is easy to understand why people put so much value in them. Today I have 20 evening routine ideas to help you create your very own routine.

You don’t have to add of these into your routine but you could take a few, mix and match and create your perfect evening routine.

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If you are wondering why you should even think about implementing an evening routine then you can check out my post – The benefits of having a routine in your life.

20 Evening routine ideas

1. To do list

Sometimes it can be hard to relax and unwind when we have a million things running around in our heads. By writing out a to do list for the next day you can get them all out of your head, unto paper. They will be more organised and ready to tackle the next day.

2. Journaling

Journaling can be a good way to relax and make sense out of your day. It is a good way to enjoy a moment of peace by yourself after a busy day. It might seem a little difficult to get started so I have a post here to help you out – 20 Self Discovery Journal Prompts.

3. Light some candles

Light some candles, wax melts anything that smells really good and indulgent. Make the evening time a celebration!

4. Food prep

If you have a busy day the next day you prep your meals the night before. This will make your day a little easier and you will have one less thing to worry about!

5. Organise your outfit

It can be so helpful to plan your outfit for the next day. It can help set you up for a successful day. It helps with decision fatigue in the morning and makes you feel more relaxed and prepared the night before.

6. Relax

This might seem like an obvious one but you need to take sometime specifically for relaxing. Watch a little TV, catch up on social media. Just take some time where your mind is not taken up by work or things you have to do.

7. Read

Read a chapter of your book. This can be a great way to rewind and forget any day to day stresses you might have. It can also put you in the right frame of mind for the rest of the evening. I often use my public library for books (Its more economical and better for the planet. However right now that is not the best option. I recently ordered the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet. I thought it would be a perfect little e-reader as well as providing me another option for watch shows on Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime video if I was travelling.

8. Add some self care – Do at least one thing you enjoy

Plan to do one thing you enjoy every night. This can be your painting your nails, applying self tanner, doing a face mask or hair mask. Whatever you enjoy and it feels like a treat, try and add this to your evening routine.

9. Skincare time

Spending time on your skin is not only good for you and a form of self care, it is also very relaxing. Skincare routines are so beneficial and really get you in the mood to relax for the evening. If you need a little help getting started you can check out my posts – Simple morning skincare routine & Simple evening skincare routine. You can also check out both routines in action on my IGTV on Instagram.

10. Straighten up

Sometimes a quick tidy up can make you feel much better and able to relax much easier. This doesn’t have to be long. It can be just 10 minutes to put things away and clean surfaces. You feel much more put together. There will be no annoying thoughts about cleaning while you are trying to relax.

11. Stretch your body

Sometimes if we work at a desk all day we can forget that our body needs to move. By just doing a quick stretch it can help the body to relax as well as the mind.

12. Go for a walk

Again sometimes if we are not moving our bodies we can become restless and it can be hard to relax. A little evening stroll if can be the perfect way to relax after a long and stressful day.

13. Enjoy a hot drink

Nothing yummier than a hot chocolate or a nice warm tea. I think this automatically tells the body “it’s time to relax now”.

14. Evening gratitude time

I like to use my gratitude app in the evening time. It’s so great for taking the positives out of each day. There is always something to be grateful for. I use the happiness journal app.

15. Shower (or bath)

I like to shower every evening I like to wash off the day. I don’t currently have a bath but if I did I would probably take one every now and then to mix it up.

16. Check in with love ones

Life gets so bus sometimes. It can easily become days or even weeks without speaking to catching up with certain people in your life without you even noticing. Give them a quick call or a text and see how they are getting on. You never know. You might just make their day!

17. Social media down time

Give yourself some time before bed away from social media. That’s the last thing you need to be filling your head with before you go off to dreamland.

18. Dim the lights – set the mood

I think it’s important to set a relaxing atmosphere. When it comes time to unwind for bed turn off the main lights (or dim them) and put on lamps instead. These are visual indications that it is now time to relax.

19. Limit or eliminate blue light

Blue light can cause headaches, stress and broken sleep. Try to eliminate it as much as possible. I purchased special anti-blue light glasses from Amazon. I have to say I have noticed a massive difference. I use them for work, watching TV and scrolling on my phone. I am going to invest in another pair! They are very affordable and make a big impact on headaches and sleeping!

20. Go to bed earlier

This is probably the most important one! Try and go to bed at an appropriate ime. It can be difficult soemtimes but if we can do it most of the time then we will see the benefits.

I have a cheat sheet here for you so you don’t have to remember them all off the top of your head. You can print this out or save it on your phone so you can check back in with it when you need to

I hope this post has provided you with inspiration create your perfect evening routine! Please leave me a comment below with any more ideas you may have! I would love to hear them all!

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