20 Simple & Effective morning routine ideas

Yesterday I shared 20 evening routine ideas and today I thought I would share with you my 20 simple & effective morning routine ideas. I have been a big advocate for routines for a long time now. If you are wondering what the importance of routines are and why you should consider having them in your life then you can check out another post I have written – 5 Benefits of having a routine in your life.

Today we are going to talk about 20 little simple ideas that you can add into your morning routine to set you up for the day. You don’t have to do all of them you can pick out the ones that work best for you and your lifestyle.

20 morning routine ideas

1. Have a look over your day

It’s nice to check in the morning and have an idea of what your day is going to look like. If you haven’t already you can write out the tasks you need to get done that day. Give yourself 10 mins to organise and structure your day so can you can be more productive and not just leave your day to chance.

2. Journaling / morning pages

I prefer to journal in the evening but I know a lot of people like to write in the morning when they are at their most fresh. Some people find that it makes them more creative. Give it a go. It might work for you. If you need some help starting out you can check out – 20 Self Discovery Journal Prompts.

3. Eat a delicious breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not make it something to look forward to? Make it healthy and super delicious.

4. Make your bed

Such a simple task but it feels so good when we do it right? Nothing better then going into a freshly made bed at night. Don’t ask me how but for some reason it makes you feel a little more put together.

5. Take you time getting ready in the morning

More often than not we can be in such a rush to get ready in the morning. Whether it’s because we wanted those 5 more minutes in bed or spend more time eating breakfast we often find ourselves trying to get ready in double time. Take some time getting ready, relax and enjoy the experience.

6. Read inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes can be a great way to start your day. They can be really motivating and set you up for a successful day. If you are looking for some quotes to start you off you can check out my posts – Quotes to gives us strength and Quotes about peace and love.

7. Read an article or blog post

Reading can be really nice in the morning time. Okay so you might not want to pick up where you left off on your current thriller but you could read something inspiring, motivation, interesting or educational. Check out and article on line or a new post from your favourite blogger.

8. Listen to an audiobook or podcast

Instead of reading you could listen to an audio book or podcast. This frees you up to do other things at the same time like get ready for the day or cook / eat your breakfast.

9. Morning skincare routine

Morning skincare is an important part that should be in everyones morning routine. Not only is it good your but it is also relaxing and a form of self care. If you are looking for tips you can check out my post – Simple Morning Skincare Routine. You can also check out out in action on IGTV.

10. Do a quick tidy up

Sometimes it can be nice to do a quick 10 minute tidy up. It can really help you stay on top of clutter and mess, especially when you have a busy day ahead.

11. Stretch your body

After a good long sleep your body needs to wake up! Shake it up and have a good stretch.

12. Go for a walk

A good morning walk can be a great way to wake you up and get your head in the game for the day ahead.

13. Drink water

It is important to re-hydrate in the morning. You can add some fruit if you prefer like lemon, lime , cucumber and so on.

14. Morning gratitude time

I like to do this in the morning time as I feel it puts me in a better frame of mind for the day ahead. I like to record something I am grateful for every morning on the Happiness journal app on my phone.

15. Shower (bath)

I personally prefer to have shower every evening but I know a lot of people that prefer to wake themselves up with a nice hot shower in the morning. Which ever works for you is absolutely fine!

16. Spend time with the people and animals you love

Sometimes our day can go by in blur. Take 10 minutes in the morning and spend time with the people and furry friends in your home before you start your busy day.

17. No social media for the first hour

I try to do this everyday. To be honest I go longer than an hour some days. Social media breaks that peace you have in the morning when you are only focus on your real life and everything around you. I think the longer you can have that peace the better.

18. Open up the curtains and the windows

Open up those curtains and windows. Let that light and fresh air in! Such a great way to wake you up!

19. Enjoy a hot drink

Most people like to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the morning but are you really enjoying it? Or are you answering emails, making to do lists and all that other stuff at the same time.

20. Wake up earlier intentionally

If you can do this it will open up a whole new world to you. You can start off small, just 5 mins earlier, then 10 and so on. It will give you so much more time and purpose to your day.

I hope you enjoyed this post on 20 morning routine ideas. Please leave me a comment below and tell us any of your ideas!! I would love to hear them all!

I have a cheat sheet here for you so you don’t have to remember them all off the top of your head. You can print this out or save it on your phone so you can check back in with it when you need to

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