5 Pampering Beauty self care ideas

Self care can take many forms and means very different things to different people. I recently shared 10 Summer self care ideas & Self care tips for isolation if you are looking for more ideas. Today however I wanted to focus on beauty self care. This might not appeal to everyone but for those that do like this idea here are 5 beauty self care ideas.

People say beauty is only skin deep and to some extent this is true. However I believe when you spend time looking after yourself it’s not only good for your physical health but it’s also good for your mental health and confidence as well. We all need to take the time to pamper ourselves every now and then. It’s good for the soul.

5 Beauty self care ideas

1. Facial / Skin care routine

Looking after your skin is so important! It keeps your skin healthy, stops signs of aging and it’s also very therapeutic. Spend some time really pampering your skin. You can do this yourself complete with face mask or you could treat yourself to a professional facial.

2. Love your body

The skin on your body needs loving too. Spend some time on your body. Exfoliate, moisturise, shave, self tan, whatever floats your boat and makes you happy.

3. Massage

Why not treat yourself to a nice massage or maybe you have a partner who would be happy to oblige. The aim of the game is to have all your muscles relaxed and have all your stresses melt away.

4. Mani – Pedi

Why not spend the evening on your nails. Have you own home mani – pedi using your favourite colours. I love doing my nails. I find it always give me a little pick me up!

5. Hair care

Finally lets spend some time on those locks. You can do a hair mask using coconut oil (you can check out my instagram highlights to watch me use it on my hair) or I have a post on my 2 ingredient hair mask & you can watch it in action on IGTV! You could also try out some home hair dye like my Brunette to Blonde home balayage. Or you could just style it really pretty. Whatever makes you happy!!

Spending time on yourself is the perfect form of self love and is very therapeutic. It can take your mind off you day too day stresses and worries. The point of self care is putting yourself first for a while and making you feel special and important.

Please leave me a comment and tell me how you like to self care beauty-wise. I would love to hear more ideas and tips!!

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