5 Tips to beat blogger burnout

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I love blogging! It truly is my passion! I work on it six days a week! However just like any job, especially creative ones, it is easy to burn out every now and then. Blogging is a lot harder then people realise. Constant content creating can end up with you developing creators block and becoming completely unmotivated. Today I have 5 tips to beat blogger burnout.

5 Tips to beat blogger burnout

1. Ask yourself why?

Do you know why you are feeling this way? Are you over worked? Have you not been sleeping lately? Maybe you are just having a bad day? Maybe you have no idea why but you just feel blocked. If you ask yourself why and you can determine a reason it will help you when trying to solve the problem.

2. Break

Maybe you just need a break! Maybe you are over worked or over tired and your mind needs a minute to recharge. Go for a nap, go for a walk, do something completely unrelated to blogging or just take a day off altogether. It is too much pressure to be creative all the time. Your creative juices may be tapped out. Give them some time to fill up again so they can flow once more.

3. Brainstorm

I do this quite often. If I feel like I or my blog is stuck I like to take a half and hour and just brainstorm. I feel like it is the quickest way for me to get everything moving again.

4. Find inspiration

Sometimes I find reading other peoples blogs, watching peoples videos or chatting with friends in the blogging world so inspiring! I find it gives me the fire back to kick start things again with my own blog and get everything back on track!

5. Never give up

Finally and most importantly never give up! Everyone experiences burn out at one time or another. Do what you need to do to mind yourself but don’t give up on yourself or your blog!! You can do it! I believe in you!

These are my 5 tips to beat blogger burn out. I really hope the help you if you are going through this right now!!

Please leave me a comment with any other tips or tricks you might have! We all need to help each other out!!

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