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Today I have my second YouTube video for you!! I am super excited. It’s still early day so you will have to forgive my lack of editing. I am learning. As I am new to YouTube I thought it would be fun to do a chatty get ready with me to give you the chance to get to know me a little better.

In this video I used some new products that I picked up in the past couple of weeks

Products used

  • PS… My perfect colour – Matte Foundaton – Nude Beige
  • PS… My perfect colour – Liquid Concealer Medium Coverage
  • Lacura – Naturals Smoky Palatte
  • Collection – Fast Stroke – Liquid Eyeliner
  • MUA Intense Colour – Lights out
  • PS… Fake It Mascara
  • PS… 3 in 1 Brow
  • PS… My perfect colour – Perfect Fix Finishing Powder
  • Sunkissed Matte Bronzer
  • PS… Blush – Rosewood
  • PS… Lip liner – Rumour
  • PS… Matte Lipstick – Thrillseeker

The Lacura Naturals – Smoky Palette

I never gave my over all opinion of this palatte in the video. Overall I wasn’t in love with this palatte. After using the actual naked palatte in the past in my opinion there is just no comparison. The colours blend really well. The mattes are much softer and creamier. I found it hard to get a lot of pigment out of the glittery, shimmery colours but it can be done. Overall it’s not a terrible palatte but I don’t love it and don’t recommend it.

I still have to try out the other palette. However if you are looking for a good Naked palette dupe then I recommend looking at the W7 palettes.

I have a couple of posts here you can check out for more info – Getting duped! Naked Original Palette and Getting duped! Naked 1 & Naked 2.

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