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Welcome to part 2. Last time I shared with you – What I learned from my first failed attempt at balayage. I am so super excited to share with you today that this time I have been much more successful at dying my hair at home.

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I decided that I wanted to change my hair a couple of weeks ago. A quarantine whim you could call it. I also figured there really was no risk factor too because if I messed it up who was going to see me. It is probably the only time where I can go completely crazy and no one would see me if it went horribly wrong.

Products I used this time –

All links included! As an added bonus at this time almost all these products are currently half-price!!

I did two applications a week apart to achieve this level of lightness. I was super impressed with Boots.ie I received my order in two days! So once I realised the first application didn’t give me the level of lift I wanted I popped onto the Boots website and ordered more hair dye! In between the hair dying sessions I used Coconut oil mask (which you will have seen on my insta-stories) and the Loreal elvive extraordinary oil very dry hair mask.

I am not finished with it yet. Although I am happy with the way it looks right now. There’s definitely room for improvement. I have ordered highlighting comb from Amazon. It hasn’t arrived yet but I am super excited for it. I will then highlight my hair to make it look more multi-dimensional. Alternatively if the hairdressers open up again I might pop in for some highlights or low lights to get an over all more natural look.

Techniques I used –

  • I followed the instructions on the leaflet included with the hair dye and mixed the ingredients included.
  • I sectioned the hair and used about one inch pieces.
  • I back-combed the hair from about an inch – inch and half from the root.
  • With Joes help we applied the hair dye making sure to blend it properly
  • On the first time I let the dye develop of 35mins and the second time I left it for about 25 mins.
  • I rinsed it out (again with Joes help).
  • I applied the hair mask included for 3 mins.
  • Rinsed it out in the shower then used the purple shampoo and conditioner.
  • I towel dried my hair used heat protection spray and styled as normal

I was lucky enough to have help with this in the form of my lovely and willing boyfriend. However if you don’t have anyone to ask for help don’t worry it is completely possible to do it by yourself. I did it the first time by myself but then I was just lazy.

Most important things to remember

  • Blending is so important
  • You must move quickly because the solution starts to work as soon as you mix it up.
  • You must take care of your hair. Bleaching or even just dying it in general takes a toll on your hair so be sure to use hair mask. For a more natural route you can check out my – Simple 2 ingredient hair mask.
  • Be patient. When going lighter it can take time so be patient you will get there.

You can check out my IGTV below, as I talk through dying my hair at home and how I will continue with my hair journey

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