Monthly Favourites – June

I don’t know about you but for me June has just flown by. It’s wierd but I feel so used to this new normal after months I have no idea what it’s going to be like when everything starts to open up again in a couple of days time. Today lets talk all about my monthly favourites. You can check out the video below if you would rather hear me talk all about it in person!

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Today I wanted to take a moment to appreciate all my favourite things this month!! Please leave me a comment below and tell me about the things that have been making you happy this month!

Monthly Favourites – June

1. HP Stream 14

Firstly I am going to tell you about my new laptop. If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen my new baby on insta-stories. This purchase has been a long time coming. My other laptop that I was doing all my online work on was my little 11″ HP 2 in 1 Laptop. Don’t get my wrong I love it to bits and it has served me well but I needed something more powerful. It couldn’t handle the amount of work I needed it for so it cut out all the time and it was very slow to load.

I powered through for the last couple of months because I didn’t want to waste money when the other one still worked but soon it began to affect my work and my days so enough was enough. I did my research and found this laptop. It had everything I needed and was very resonably priced. I love HP so I decided to stick to what I know and I am so happy I did!!

2. Going blonde

In the last few of weeks I decided to take the leap and go blonde. Again you may have seen all my updates on Instagram. You can check out my post – Dying my hair at home – Brunette to Blonde || My hair journey. In this post I also share my IGTV video where I tell you all about it! I’m loving it and definitely think a change was needed.

3. Fire 7 Tablet

Recently I picked up the Fire 7 tablet on Amazon. I wanted to get an e-reader because recently I have been buying e-books to help me with blogging, vlogging and social media. It isn’t much fun reading them on your laptop or phone so I hopped on Amazon to see what they had.

I picked this tablet rather than a Kindle because I liked that I could get all my entertainment and my social media apps as well as Kindle services. I’m loving it at the moment and plan on doing a review soon.

4. Youtube

This month I started YOUTUBE! I am so excited about it. Everyones support has been so wonderful! I have been so overwhelmed by how lovely everyone has been. My most recent and second video is – Chatty get ready with me! As I am a new channel I thought it would be a nice way to get to know me a little better. If you check it out I would love it so much if you LIKED and SUBSCRIBED.

5. My first shopping trip since lockdown

This month I was able to go shopping for something other than food. I even managed to pop into Penneys / Primark and pick up a few bits. You can check this all out in my Primark Haul. Which was my first YouTube video.

It was so much fun to have a nice relaxing day out! It felt like the closest thing to normal in a long time (not including the lines and face masks of course). Hopefully it will be onwards and upwards from now on.

6. Fathers day

Although this is a favourite I didn’t get to spend it the way I wanted to as I didn’t get to see my father. We did video chat of course which was lovely, it’s just a shame I didn’t get to see him in person.

7. Blender

I picked up a new blender this month and I have been loving making smoothies and making lollies / popsicles. If you are an email subscriber then you would have recieved a couple of recipes for inspo! If you don’t have one already then I highly recommend picking one up. They are very resonably priced & it’s a quick and tasty way to get some vitimins and minerals into you!

Other little faves this month

  • Rewatching Misfits
  • Also on a Buffy kick at the moment (forgot how much I loved it)
  • Also loving reality TV this month (Teen Mom UK, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills , Keeping up with the Kardashions & 90 Day Fiance)
  • Driving again! I haven’t really been driving at all during lockdown, so it was lovely.
  • My new blanket! (I’m obsessed!) You can check out in the Penneys Haul.
  • My new anti-blue light glasses I picked up on Amazon!
  • New equipment for filming videos – Ring light & Microphone
  • Trying out new makeup. You can check out my my first impressions of the Lacura naturals intense palette on IGTV.

I hope you enjoyed this little monthly favourites post. Overall it’s been a great month and I’m really excited for July. If you are an email subscriber then you will already know that there is alot of exciting things coming up! You can check out the video below to hear me talk about all of these things!

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