Primark Haul June 2020

Last weekend We were able to go on a shopping trip to buy something other than groceries for the first time since March! It was such a lovely day out. It felt like the world was normal again just for a short while, with little differences such as queuing to get into stores, people wearing face masks and of course hand sanitizing every 5 minutes. On the whole though it’s the closest we have been be to normal in a long time. So Today I have my Primark Haul June 2020.

This is a special haul for two reasons –

  1. It’s the first Penneys / Primark shopping trip in over 3 months
  2. It’s my first YouTube video I have filmed for my new channel.

I am so super excited to share my first YouTube video! I really hope you like it! Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE . It would mean the absolute world to me!!

I am so excited and nervous at the same time to be starting my Youtube journey! Youtube is something I have been thinking about for a while and this weekend seemed like the perfect time to give it ago! I am really happy with how it turned out but I will of course be learning and upgrading everything all the time!!

I hope you enjoy my Penneys / Primark haul June 2020!! Many more videos to come in the future! I had so much fun filming it and of course showing you all the lovely things I picked up! I love watching other peoples haul videos! That’s why I wanted to share mine with you!!

Please leave me a comment on either the video or this post telling me something you recently picked up form Penneys / Primark. I would loved to hear all about it!

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Stay Safe ,

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