5 Simple things you can do to save the planet & your money (Part 11)

Welcome to part 11 of this little series full of eco-friendly tips helping you to live a more sustainable lifestyle. There are little things you can do every day that might not seem very big to you but will have a massive impact on the planet. Here are 5 simple things you can do that will help to not only save the planet but save you a little cash too!!

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5 Simple things

1. Reusable Sponges

How many sponges do you go through every month or every six months? You can invest in reusable sponges or dish cloths. They are a one time expense, they usually don’t any more than disposable ones and they last for years. Joe and I have been using them for over a year now and have never looked back. Our dishes are sparkling and we a no longer throwing out any disposables to landfill.

Money Saved: All the money you will save not buying disposables over and over again.

2. Block out drafts

Block out those drafts and save the energy and your cash. If you have a rented property you can try to make your home less drafty by adding curtains or door draft stoppers.

Money Saved: All the money you will save on your household bills as your heat will no longer be leaking out of your house.

3. Store food properly

If you are not doing so already you need to learn how to store food properly. This will cut down on food and will help you to save so much in the long run.

Money Saved: All the money you would have spent on wasted food.

4. Reusable coffee pods

Want to enjoy your cuppa Joe without worrying about harming the planet? Why not start using reusable coffee pods. The coffee will be fresher and you won’t be throwing away coffee pods each morning.

Money Saved: All the extra money you would have spent on expensive disposable coffee pods

5. Pick up after yourself

This might seem like an obvious one but I wanted to throw it in there. Whenever you use anything be sure to pick up after yourself. This is being a responsible active citezen of the world. This might not save you money but it will have an amazing impact on the world.

Money Saved: This one might not save you much money although there are litter fines in most places so it could save you money that way.

Here are just 5 simple things you can do to join the gobal effort to save the beautiful planet earth.

Please let me know in the comments if you decide to try out any of these changes or if you have any more ideas of your own! I would love to hear all about it!

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