6 Tips to add mindfulness into your daily routine

Practicing mindfulness can be so important for good mental health. Practicing mindfulness is all about being present and in the moment. It’s about taking that time for yourself to slow down. That’s why today I wanted to share my five tips to add mindfulness into your daily routine.

6 Tips to add mindfulness

1. Journaling

There are many different types of journaling that you can incorporate into your life. I like to do a gratitude journal in the morning. Here I begin the day by talking about something I am grateful for. I like to do happiness journal in the evening where I write 3 things that made me happy that day. I think this is a quick way to check in with your self.

Some people like to start the day with morning pages. This is where they just write whatever is on their mind first thing in the morning. All lot of people find that some of their best ideas happen at this time.

Finally there is traditional journaling where you look indepth at you and your feelings and emotions. You can write about your day and your feelings or you can use journal prompts to guide you! I have two posts here filled with prompts and both include free printables for you too!

2. Daily walks

Your daily walk can be the perfect time to practice mindfulness! I have a whole post on how you can practice more mindfulness while taking in your daily exercise at the same time – 5 ways to practice more mindful nature walks.

3. Affrimations

Affrimations are a good way to remind yourself of certain things like positive things about yourself that you might forget. It re-enforces confidence and self-belief. If you struggle with self confidence or insecurities then may be you should try out using daily affrimations and see if they have any positive effect.

4. Morning coffee

When enjoying your morning beverage really take the time to enjoy that moment. Don’t rush it while doing a million other things at the same time really take that as your time. Sit down relax and think about the day or week ahead. What do you have to look forward to? What exciting thing is coming your way? What are you thankful for? It’s such a great way to start your morning!

5. Daily time out

Some times you just need to put yourself in timeout for half an hour. Allocate time in the day that’s just for you! It’s your time to recharge and hit the remainder of the day hard. Each day is a gift it seems a shame to spend any of them miserable or stressed out. Have a special part of each day carved out for you!

6. Evening self care

Self care is so important! It might not be possible to do it every night but try to incorporate something into your evening routine whenever you can. Evening time is when we get to relax and enjoy ourselves. We might be busy but we should always make ourselves a priority. Take a little time each evening just to do something that you enjoy and makes you happy! That way you will be in a better mindframe to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

These are my six tips to add mindfulness into your daily routine! I really hope they help you and give you the inspiration to add a little mindfulness into your life!

Please leave me a comment below with any ideas or tips you may have for adding mindfulness to your day. Let’s all help each other out.

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