8 Creative and easy ways to save money this summer (Eco Friendly)

Summer time. Such a wonderful time of year isn’t it? Makes you just want put everything to one side a spend all your days at the beach. However being eco friendly of saving money at the same time doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think. Here are 8 creative and easy way to save money this summer, the eco friendly way.

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8 Eco friendly ways to save money this summer

1. Use essentail oils

Why not start using essential oils. They can be so versatile. You can create bug sprays, bug deterent, treat bites or burns. They are all natural and because you have to use so little of it will last you forever so it will save you a ton of money on buying loads of commercial products.

2. Unplug appliances when on holidays or trips

There is no need to leave all your appliances plugged in if you decide to go on holidays for a week. Sure there are some that might need to still run but 99% of them do not! Plug them out. Save the energy & your cash.

3. Shop sales and thrift stores for summer wear

Depending on where you live summer might not last that long, couple of months at most. For us here in Ireland we can never depend on the weather. This year we had a couple of good weeks in June and since then nothing. It may as well be October. When you are kitting yourself out this summer check out sales and thrift stores for one of a kind finds or brilliant bargains. You might not get the wear out of it that you thought.

4. Filter your water

We all tend to drink more water in the summer. This is because the heat reminds us to. Instead of buying bottled water all the time, make a one off investment of a water filter jug. This will save you so much money and the planet so much unessecary plastic.

5. Wash your own car

How often do you wash your car? Is it alot? Have you thought about just washing it yourself. Yes its more time consuming but it has so many other benefits. It saves you so much money in the long run

6. Close your blinds

Keep your house cooler by closing the curtains or blinds when possible. If you are not home or spending time on your garden close your blinds and your home will be much cooler when you return meaning you won’t need to use your A/C as much.

7. Use your oven in the Evening

Try to only use your oven in the evening. This means you are not making your home even hotter. Use it when the evenings are cooler and it will have less effect on the heat in your home. You will save money by not using your oven as much and often rates are cheaper in the evening time. Win, win.

8. Make your own popsicles

This one is a fun one. Why not make your own healthy tasty popsicles this summer. If you are an email subscriber then you will already have recieve some yummy recipies for this. You will save money by making them rather then buying them at the store.

I hope these little creative and easy ways to save money this summer gives you the inspiration you need.

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