Monthly Highlights ~ June

I think now more than ever it is so important to acknowledge all the wonderful moments that happen each month. I recently posted June Favourites. What’s the difference you might ask? Well to me favourites focuses more on things and monthly highlights focuses more on experiences or things that happened. I hope you enjoy this little monthly highlights post.

Please leave me a comment with your highlights for the month of June! I’d love to here all about them!

Monthly Highlights – June

These are all just a random order they are not put in order of importance or anything like that.

1. Take aways

This month Joe and I have been getting take aways. We haven’t got a takeaway since this whole pandemic began. I’m it would have been fine but I just didn’t feel comfortable having other people cook my food. Now that the country is starting to open up again I felt much more comfortable ordering out again.

2. The country opening up again

It is so nice to have that light at the end of the tunnel feeling. As of the 29th of June most of Ireland is offically back open for business. It feels so good and I am feeling positive about the future!

3. Doing normal things

This month I was able to order take out coffees and book my hair appointment and other appointments. Such small simple things but they make such a big difference. Those little things make life feel just that little bit more normal.

4. Date Night

Joe and I got to go on our first date night in months! It was so fab to eat out again! We picked our favourite restaurant and it was just a lovely evening!

5. Movie nights

Throughout this time movie nights have been very important. Joe and I even had a movie night with Joe’s parents with a chinese take away. It was fab , just to do something like that after months of isolation was amazing!

5. Seeing people

This is the first month I have chatted to people (socially distanced of course) in real life. It’s been lovely just to chat and catch up.

6. Shopping trips

This month I finally got to shop for something other than food! It felt great! It felt like a day out and a real treat!! It’s not even the buying things but just the days out (we went two weekends) and the experience. It was lovely.

7. Working

I have been in love with blogging, YouTube, Instagram and all that good stuff! I’m just enjoying doing what I love every day!

At the moment I feel a lot of gratitude. It’s funny on a normal month so of these might have seemed so small I wouldn’t have even thought to consider them as a favourite, such as a take out coffee for example. However it’s i been a crazy few months and think it has taught us all to be grateful for all the little things that make up normal life.

I am super excited about July and all the things to come!

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