5 Simple things you can do to save the planet & your money (Part 12)

Welcome to part 12 of this little series full of eco-friendly tips helping you to live a more sustainable lifestyle. There are little things you can do every day that might not seem very big to you but will have a massive impact on the planet. Here are 5 simple things you can do that will help to not only save the planet but save you a little cash too!!

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5 Simple Things

1. Re-purpose your empty jars

Glass jars can be so useful! They can be multi purpose. They can store bits and bobs around the house like batteries or tea light candles, in the home office like paper clips or staples and of course they can be used to store food in the kitchen. They can also be used in crafts or as home decor. During the coming months I will have many ideas with tutorials on how they can be used to decoration your home for different occasions so keep your jars and keep posted for that!!

Money Saved: All the money you would spend on containers to store this stuff or on alternative home decor items

2. Save your plastic containers

If you ever get take away more often than not you it will be delivered to you in a plastic container. I don’t know why so many companies are putting off making the switch to more eco friendly containers but until they do we have to be responsible with our rubbish. Plenty of chinese take aways serve their rice or dishes in plastic containers that are perfect to be washed and reused. Try to think of ways they can be used rather than just throwing them out.

Money Saved: The money you would spend buying containers for your packed lunches or meal prepping (or anything you are going to store in these containers)

3. Make your own ice

This might seem like a wierd one but this summer ice was a big deal. Yes it is so easy to buy from your local shop or have a machine but it is much cheaper and more eco friendly to buy a little tray which you fill with water and pop into your freezer.

Money Saved : All the money you would spend buying ice or running a machine to make it.

4. Save gift bags and boxes to re-use

The holidays are coming up so remember to “do a monica” and save that gift wrap if possible and then it can be reused. If you are anything like me then you won’t even remember the gift bag you gave someone so if they return it its not a problem. If I do recognise it I would only be delighted they were thinking about the planet. Also if you have any left over wrapping paper, bags or boxes from wrapping your gifts don’t throw them away, keep them until next year, give them to a friend or family member to use or donate them to somewhere you know they will get put to good use.

Money Saved: All the money spent on buying extra gift wrap or packaging.

5. Plant a tree

This might seem like another random one I just wanted to throw it out there. Take some time to plant a tree. If you have the space then plant one on your property otherwise look around and see what other options are available to you!

Money Saved: Okay you might not save the money on this one but the plant needs all the help it can get! Let’s save our planet together.

Here are just 5 simple things you can do to join the gobal effort to save the planet earth.

Please let me know in the comments if you decide to try out any of these changes or if you have any more ideas of your own! I would love to hear all about it!

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