Woolly Pigs || Where it all began

Today I just wanted to take a moment to tell you a little more about Woolly Pigs and where it all began. Woolly Pigs was officially created in November 2019 however it was in the works a lot longer before that.

About a year previously I decided I wanted to learn how to knit, or re-learn I should say. I was taught as a child but of course I didn’t remember at all. I bought some wool and knitting needles and used YouTube to teach me the basics.

Knitting has always been in my family. My mother, sister, grandmothers and aunts all knit. Some even did it as a profession in the past. So I have loads of support whenever I need it. When I learned how to knit again I realised that not only was I good at but I really enjoyed it and decided that I wanted knit a scarf for all my family members.

Why not share my love of knitting with the world?

Soon I happened upon the idea of opening my own Etsy store. I could turn my hobby and passion into my job! I could share my pieces with the world. I got excited and started making plans!!

First I needed a name. The first and most obvious name that came to mind was of course Woolly Pigs!

Why you ask?

When my siblings and I were young we used to take day trips with our parents up the country. On these trips we would see sheep in the fields as we passed by. We had never seen sheep and our mother would jokingly call them woolly pigs. In our innocence we would believe her and this became a running joke in our family so of course it was the perfect choice for my little knitwear online store.

In the past year I have felt my passion for Woolly Pigs grow! This really has become my baby! I personally create and knit each item! I want everyone purchases a Woolly Pigs item to feel the love, care and attention that went into creating it for them.

Limited Edition Only

I will never be a mass production company. Each item will only be availble in limited numbers. Some items will be one of a kind. This means all items are unique and limited edition. I am constantly trying to include my variety and luxury into my items. These are items that are meant to be worn, shown off, loved! I truly believe you won’t bump into others wearing the same item when you are boasting these one of a kind pieces.

The best part about all of this is that I get to share my passion with the world!! I get to pour my love into an item so then you can love it!!

I hope you enjoyed this little post all about where this little adventure began! I would love it wanted to pop over to the shop and check it all out!

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