16 Money saving tips for Autumn / Winter

Autumn is the perfect time to get saving. There are so many opportunities to save some extra cash before the holidays begin! Today I have for you 16 money saving tips for this Autumn / Winter.

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1. Make a heating plan

The weather is going to change drastically in the next couple of months. Now is the time to make a plan for it! Every house will be different so try and find to cut costs in your home. Maybe it involves saving extra money towards the heating bill or maybe you can cut fuel costs, get better deals, wear more clothes, use blankets, seal away draughts, divide the house and only heat parts you are using, alternative fuels. These possibilities are endless and now is the time to start planning it.

2. Energy saving when possible

Because there will inevitably be an increase in heat costs now it’s time think about saving energy in other ways. Trying turning off anything you are not using it. Be more aware of other places you are losing energy so you can compensate for the higher heating costs.

3. Start saving money for the holidays

Anyway you look at it, the holiday season is a big expense. However we can plan for it! Start now! It’s never too early to start putting money away for it. Infact you could work it into your budget so that you start saving for it every month from January. I have already started buying Christmas presents. The earlier you plan for it the more stress and anxiety you will save yourself when the time actually comes.

3. Try a no spend month

Or week or weekend… whatever fits you, your family and your lifestyle. This is a great way to save up that extra cash before the holidays are upon us.

4. Black Friday

If planned correctly Black Friday can a huge help to planning the holidays on a budget. Do your research! Know what you want and don’t get distracted by all the exciting offers otherwise you might end up blowing your budget completely! You can expect some Black Friday posts coming your way very soon!

5. Entertainment

Take advantage of all the free entertainment there is on offer this time of year. Have a look in your local area and see whats coming up!

6. Look for alternatives

When deciding on something new to purchase look for altenative ways to solve your problem. Maybe there is a cheaper alternative even if its just a temporary solution while you are saving money. Where theres a will there might just be a way.

7. Do your research

When you are deciding to purchase something (especially gifts and other holiday items) do your research. Most people will do this for big purchases like cars, holidays or homes but don’t think to do it as often with smaller ticket items such as gifts or even food. Put more research into your purchases and you will see those savings pile up.

8. DIY Autumn decor

Why not get crafty and inject some personality into your decor this year? If you follow me on Instagram you will see lots of crafty seasonal inspired projects to get those creative juices flowing.

9. Declutter & Sell your stuff

Not only will it save you time, money and space when it comes to cleaning, maintaining and storing the items but if you sell any of your items then it will be some extra cash into the savings fund too!

10. Cleaning products

Cleaning products can be so expensive and on top of that we tend to over buy them too! Why not consider making your own for a fraction of the cost or just reduce the amount you purchase. We are taught to believe that you need a different cleaner for every stain or mess but that’s not the case. Infact we are doing more harm than good filling our home with all these chemicals.

11. Meal prep

Food can be the biggest weekly cost in any household. Think about how to make the most out of every crumb. Meal prep your week. Stick to the shopping list and don’t waste leftovers!

12. Save leftovers

I’ll say it again! Don’t waste leftovers. Make a plan for them. Have leftover nights or incorporate them into other dishes. This will save you an absolute fortune in the future.

13. Autumn Drinks

Autumn time is the best time of year for beverages. Pumkin spice latte, roasted marshmallow hot chocolate, caramel cappuchino and so on. However most people don’t realise how easy it is to make them at home. You can easily pick up coffee syrup and milk frother and make your favourite drinks for a meer fraction of the cost!

14. Free shipping

Due to Covid-19 online shopping has become more important than ever. It is going to be a huge help us this upcoming holiday season. Amazon offer a 30 FREE trial for Amazon Prime. This means FREE priority shipping within 2 days, with no minimun spend. This really does pay for itself over the holiday season! It will save you an absolute fortune in shipping costs

15. Enjoy nature

Autumn is such a wonderful time to take advantage of the beautiful nature we have. The leaves are turning, the colours are wonderful! It’s such a beautiful time and it is absolutely FREE.

16. Soup

Soup is perfect for this time of year. It’s simple and easy to make. You can batch cook it so it will last throughout the week. It’s easy to take with you where ever you go. It will warm you up and fill you up at the same time. Try it! It will save you so much money on food each week!!

There you have my 16 money saving tips this Autumn / Winter. Please leave me a comment below sharing any tips you have for saving money this Autumn / Winter season.

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