10 favourite drugstore makeup products from 2020

As you may already know from previous posts that I am currently in the process of doing both a now spend year & a depth year. This is because I really want to use and love the things I have. Today I want to share with you 10 of my favourite makeup products from 2020.

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These products are all tried and tested. You will have seen some of these many times over on my Instagram where I like to share quick makeup looks.

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All these products are extremely affordable and widely available (during normal times. It might not be as easy right now with retail stores being closed) Most of the products are actually Penneys / Primark.

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10 favourite drugstore makeup products of 2020

1. PS… My Perfect Colour – Perfect Finish Foundation – Nude

I don’t think that I could have raved about this little foundation any more than I did last year. I even did a full IGTV review on it. I picked it up looking for a foundation with a lighter consistency and fell in love!

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2. Sunkissed Matt Bronzing Powder

I picked up this bronzer last year for two reasons. 1. I needed a new bronzer and didn’t have many options because of lockdown and the fact we lived so far away from anything. 2. It was huge and I felt like it would last me for a long time and I would get my moneys worth. Let me tell you, boy, was I right. This has turned out to be the perfect bronzer for me! As you can see I have hit pan but I still have a long way to go before its used up. Loving this bronzer!

3. PS… Blush – Rosewood

I have used this blush all year long and it has matched perfectly with every makeup look I have done. I have never felt the need for a different during 2020.

4. PS… Nude Addiction Palette

I think it was the end of 2019 that I actually picked up this palette. I also picked up the Soft Camo & Berry Velvets editions aswell. As you can see I have loved this little palette. So much so I have hit pan on one shade & almost hit pan on a couple of others. I can’t remeber how much I paid for this little palette. I think it was about €4. Either way I remember it being an absolute bargin, especially for the amount of use I have gotten out of it! I cant recommend these little palettes enough.

5. PS… Fake It – False Lash Effect, Extreme Volume Mascara

I this is about the 3rd tube of this mascara I have used and I LOVE it. Some of you will know if you have been with me since way back when (Thank you. Please leave me a comment if you have and say hi!) that I was always on the hunt for the perfect holy grail drugstore mascara & I think I might have finally found it. 100% recommend you try this out if you are looking for a new drugstore mascara.

6. Collection – Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner

This was kind of an unexpected, impulse purchase. When joe & I were on our 10 day UK road trip back in March 2020 (Feels like a lifetime ago now and it was only 10 months ago) I realised I need liquid liner. We went to the nearest Superdrug which was in Monmouth and picked up this one. I love going to UK drugstores as we don’t have Superdrug in Ireland. I have been really enjoying and using it alot. I may need to actually replace it soon.

7. PS… 3in1 Brow product

This is my second one of these. I love it. It’s so quick and convienient. I always feel like I get a really nice natural look with it too. This product has a spoolie on one end and retractable pen on the other. It also has powder in the centre. It’s a one stop shop. I don’t really use the powder ever but it’s nice to have it when I need it. It does come with cover for the spoolie but I lost it… oops…

8. PS… Crushed eyeshadow pigment – 24 Carat

I also bought this when I was in the UK. I picked this up in the Birmingham Primark because I just loved the shade and thought it would be so pretty on my eyes. I was wrong. I didn’t like it on my eyes. It didn’t have enough pigment for me. However I thought it might make a good highlighter & I was right. It makes the perfect highlighter! I love it. I have been using it as my only highlighter ever since. Just goes to show products don’t always have to be used for their intended purpose.

9. PS… Lustre Lipstick – Bearly There

This has been my go to lipstick in the past year. So much so I bought back ups! I also bought the matt version. I love this for everyday wear.

10. PS… Perfect Finishing Powder

I used this powder up. Thats how much I used it and loved it. I replaced it with the Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder and I have to say I much prefer the Primark one. When I need to replaced the Catrice one I will be going right back to this one!

There you have all my tried and tested favourite drugstore makeup products of 2020.

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Makeup is the finishing touch, the final accessory

Marc Jacobs

Have you tried any of these products? What are you thoughts on them? What are you favourite drugstore makeup products of 2020. Please leave me a comment and let me know! I would love to know what you guys think!

Stay safe,

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