15 no spend Valentines Day ideas

As you may already no this year I am doing a no spend year. However I have worked a small amount of money into the budget for it but that might not be either possible for everyone or something everyone might want to do so I have come up with 15 no spend Valentines day ideas.

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You don’t have to always spend money to show someone you love them & today I am going to prove that.

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15 no spend Valentines day ideas

1. Wild Flowers

Why not pick some wild flowers. Just make sure they are wild and you are no stealing out of someones garden! Pick a few or even one and add it with a card for simple romance.

2. Bake a cake or sweet treats

You might have to spend a little in for this but most people will have most of the ingredients in their pantry already. You can add the others into your food budget and use the extras to make other meals. This is a cute way to show someone that you love them!

3. Fort and movie night

Why not go old school, build a fort and watch your favourite movies. Eat your dinner in there too. Bring snacks and your favourite beverages and have a little party for 2.

4. Write a love letter

Is there anything else more romantic in the world? Write the person you love a love letter and I guarentee it will make their heart melt.

5. Write your favourite memories and put them in a jar

You can do this together or solo, then in the evening you can both take a beautiful trip down memory lane.

6. Give them a massage

Give them a massage they will love. Just make sure to look up techniques beforehand so that you don’t accidentally hurt them.

7. Write the story of how you met

If you enjoy writing why not write the story of how you met from your perspective. You can then read it to them where they can share their perspective at that time or you can gift it to them.

8. Love coupons

Classic! Love this one. such an oldie but a goody.

9. Breakfast in bed

Why not start the day off with a bang by treating your loved to a kitted out breakfast in bed with their favourite breakfast foods. *Note to Joe – Mines Pancakes!

10. Offer a service

Do you have a service you can offer, maybe you could clean their car, cut their hair, do thier nails. Have a think about something you could do to treat your other half.

11. Take the love quiz

You might remember on the big bang theory, Sheldon & Penney decide to take the love quiz. This quiz is designed to make any too people fall in love. Why not do it with someone you already love to make that connection even stronger. Joe and I have done it and its nice. Its just a load of questions so you can get to know each other even more and feel more vulnerable around the person you love. I have it linked below for you

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12. Take a hike (together)

It doesn’t have to be hiking. It can be walking, cycling or swimming, just get out into the great outdoors and have some fun together.

13. Watch a sunset

Is there anything more beautiful in the world? Watch the sunset and talk about all the things that you love about each other.

14. Read together

If you both enjoy reading then why not read to each other. It could be a fun evening together.

15. Make a bucketlist for the future

Why not spend the evening talking about your hopes and dreams for your future together? Create a couple bucketlist and plan all the fun experiences you want to do in the future!

Are you in need of motivation to take on the year and achieve your dreams?

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These are all my no spend Valentines day ideas. What do you think?

Do you have any no spend ideas of your own. Please share them with us by leaving them in the comments section below! I would love to read all about them!!

Stay safe,

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