20 Valentines Day ideas on a budget

Valentines day can be a very expensive holiday for some people. I think sometimes people forget that it’s a day where you express your love for the people in your life and becomes more of a competition. Who can buy people more things. It somehow becomes a day where you base whether you are worth anything buy how many cards or gifts you recieve. Today I want to show that Valentines day can be just as romantic (maybe even more so) without the expensive price tag. Today I am sharing with you 20 Valentines day ideas on a budget.

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20 Valentines day ideas on a budget

1. Romantic dinner at home

Going out for dinner on Valentines night can be the most expensive meal of the year. The food and wine is always so expensive. The restaurant is packed. There are waits for food because the kitchen gets backed up. Why not make you kitchen or dining room table super romantic. Create a menu of all your favourite foods. Get your favourite beverages. Add some mood lighting and romantic music and have the most romantic, private meal that won’t cost you and your partner the earth.

2. Create a collage of your favourite photos

This might seem like an oldie but it is definitely a goody. Find and print out photos showing the developement of your relationship. Pick out your favourite moments and create a photo collage. You can hang this in your home and you can both enjoy it all the time. It will always be a reminder when times are tough, how great your relationship really is.

3. Trinkets referencing inside jokes

Some people think when it comes to gift giving bigger is better. For me it is all about the sentimentality. Spend some time and really think about your relationship. Think about something that really means something to your relationship, the more random and unique the better. Then find some trinket or keepsake that represents that. You are sure to get a laugh and they will be filled with joy by the thought and feeling behind the gift.

4. Fill the day with their favourite treats

Bake their favourite cake for dessert or their favourite treats. It’s inexpensive but shows you care as well as giving them their favourite treat to munch on. Win win all around.

5. Create a love scavenger hunt

There are so many different ways you can go with this. You can create one where there gift is at the end. You can create one where you visit all you favourite spots or places that mean something you as a couple. Could have a different little gift and each point of the hunt. It could be a trip down memory lane or a new adventure its up to you!

6. Stargaze with a picnic

You are both night owls why not pack a little picnic and venture out to a spot where you can stargaze. You can talk for hours and whatever you want to do. This could be simple as somewhere in your back garden to a trip out the nearest beach. It’s your choice.

7. Video game night

Do you both love video games? Why not have a whole video game night filled with fun, laughter & some healthy competition of course. Get your favourite snacks or baked treats & make a night of it!

8. Nature walk & picnic

you know I love a good nature walk. This doesn’t have to be just down the road it can be where ever you want it to be such as the beach, the lake, the woods, the local park wherever tickles your fancy.

9. Board game night

Maybe you both prefer board games! Make a night of it! Try to get that queen, Buy all those hotels or try and connect four in a row. Whatever it is just make sure you are having fun.

10. Camping or Camp fire

Why not do a little camping? Get out in the great outdoors. Build a fire, tell stories you haven’t told before and curl up together under a blanket of stars.

11. Comedy Club

Everyone loves a good laugh & if comedy is your thing then why not check out your local comedy club. They are usually pretty cheap, provide you with a good laugh, give you a reason to get all dressed up and generally provide you with good night out.

12. Make a hamper with their favourite sweets and chocolates

Make them a yummy hamper (they might even share it with you!) Again these dont all have to be bought they can be homemade too.

13. Take a scenic drive

Take a drive somewhere beautiful that neither of you are familar with and get lost for a little while. It will be a nice time to chat and experience something new. It will be a nice new memory for both of you!

14. Visit the spot where you first met – Possible

This is not possible for everyone. Unfortunately it is not possible for me and Joe & may never be possible again! But if I could I would definitely do this one!

15. Recreate your first date

This is another fun one that is sure to bring back lots of memories.

16. Takeaway treat

Why not trear yourselves to a nice takeaway so no one has to cook. She if you can find money in the budget to slurge on your favourite takeaway treats!

17. Valentines day breakfast

Instead of going out to dinner why night have a romantic Valentines breakfast instead. You can go out an treat yourselves or make your own. What a wonderful way to start the day.

18. Retro night

Why not spend the evening playing games you used to love as kids or eating the food you loved, maybe even movies or tv shows. Might sound radom but it could be a lot of fun!

19. Volunteer together

Why not spend the day not only showing love to each but mankind or the animal kingdom. Why show love by volunteering for the day at the local soup-kitchen, homeless or animal shelter. Love will be shown all around.

20. Mini golf

Joe and I plan on doing this one this year (and may a mix of some others too) I think this such a fun cute date day. We haven’t done this before so I am looking forward to it!

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These are my top 20 valentines day ideas for when you are on a budget!

Please leave any other ideas you have in comments below! I would love to hear them! We can all help each other out!

Stay safe,

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