5 Simple things you can do to save the planet & your money (Part 14)

Today I am back with my first installment of “5 simple things” for 2021. If you are new here this is a series and in each post I share with you 5 simple things you can do that are quick and simple, that help the planet & save you money at the same time! Win win!

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5 Simple things

1. Using leftovers

Leftovers are so underrated. People have such a habit of throwing them away. Get creative and make new meals out of them or plan ahead by making a little extra and having it as a meal again the next day. Leftovers are such a quick way to cut down both food waste and your grocery bill.

Money Saved: All the money you will saving by replacing the food that you threw in the big.

2. Meal Planning

This is another great way of making sure that you use up all the food you buy. Plan your meals a week or even months at a time. This means you don’t have to worry about having enough food or whether you will be able to create meals on the spot. Great way of telling your food where to go.

Money Saved: You will save so much money by meal planning rather than just guessing what your of the people in your house are going to eat on a daily basis.

3. Learn how to store food

How many times have you thrown away food you hadn’t even got to yet because it was gone off by the time you did? Yup I think we have all been there. If you learn how to store food properly then you won’t have to worry about it going off before you get a chance to eat it.

Money Saved: All the money you would have used to replace the gone off food.

4. leave your oven open after using it

We are currently in the middle of winter. It’s cold out there. If you need help heating your home leave the oven open after you use it. It will help keep the room nice and toasty.

Money Saved: This might not save you the most money but it will help a little with heating bill especially if you cook everyday.

5. Fix broken appliances rather than buying new

A lot of the time people don’t even try and get appliances fixed they just go straight for buying new. This is a mistake because a lot of the time it is easier and much cheaper it fix the one you already have. You extend the life of the appliance that has worked hard for you, you are not buying new wasting valuable resources and you save money too.

Money Saved: The money it would have cost you to buy a new appliance.

These are first 5 tips of the year!! Please leave me a comment below if you have any tips of your own! I would love to hear them!!

Stay safe,

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