5 Tips to beat the January blues

January is such a funny month isn’t it? On the one hand you feel motivated to take on the new year. You create you goals and make all the wonderful plans of all the wonderful things you want to do and see. On the other hand you’re broke because Christmas cost a fortune, Your body and health are not on great shape from late nights, over-eating on unhealthy food and sometimes theres alcohol involved too. You had lots of fun but now the decorations are down, it’s still winter and now you feel like all you have been left with are a few extra pounds and an empty bank account. Today I want to share my top 5 tips to beat the January blues.

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The key to happiness is letting each situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be

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January can be a tough month in general with the lack of daylight hours and of course the weather not only affecting the heat in out homes but also the roads for travelling. However when you throw the current situation onto it. It can make it 10x worse. This our third lockdown now here in Ireland and I have to that this one has been the toughest for me yet by far.

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These tips that I am sharing with you today are the ones that keep me going on a daily basis. It picks me up even when my mental health isn’t at it’s strongest.

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5 tips to beat the January blues

1. Organise your finances

Sometimes it’s our finances that can put us in the biggest funk. You feel like you have no money, possibly piling debt and you’re up a very famous creek without a paddle. My advice is to sit down and spend some time with them. Once you have things in order you will feel so much better about the coming year. This year I have decided to do a no spend year. You can watch my YouTube all about my reasons and rules for the challenge.

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2. Get those vitamins & minerals into you

After an entire month of overindulgence in (let’s be honest) not the healthiest foods I can quarentee that your body is crying out for the nutrients it needs. Try and get them into asap, especially those all important B vitimins. You can get these from eggs, smoked salmon, spinach just to name a few. I always try and incorporate these into my weekly diet. I eat eggs most days.

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3. Get your body moving

Everyone knows that you feel better once you get up and moving. Besides your body might still feel sluggish after the holidays. Make it your mission to get moving at least once a day. It will release happy hormones that will help with those blues.

4. Try practicing mindfulness

Mindfulness really helps with putting your life into perspective. It’s all about living in the present and being an active part of your own life!

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5. Be kind to yourself

This is probably one of the most important ones. In the year we put so many expectations on ourselves with all the things we want ta achieve. While this is a good thing we must not be too hard on ourselves. If we need to rest then we must do so. If we need a pamper evening then that’s what we should do. We can’t pour from an empty cup so we must take care of ourselves so that we are fighting fit to achieve all our goals!

Are you in need of motivation to take on the year and achieve your dreams?

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When you feel like quitting remember why you began in the first place. Meditate on the reason and keep going.

Do you have any lovely tips to beat the January blues to share with us? Please leave them in the comments below so we can all help each other out!! Sharing is caring afterall!!

Safe safe,

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