Depth Year 2021

Today I want to talk again about the concept of a depth year. The last time I talk about this here on my blog was in 2018 when I first began to learn about the subject. I did have all the best intentions but for one reason or another I don’t feel like I ever truly went through with it.

This year however will be different. This year I have decided to do a no spend year – You can read all about it in my post or watch the YouTube Video. I have decided to do this for many reasons but I also think that by doing this it will encourage me more to experience a depth year.

What is it all about?

The concept of a depth year is that instead of looking outside you look inside instead. So for example instead of buying new you really enjoy the things you already have. Really use them, really enjoy them the way you intended whem you bought them in the first place.

How many of you have books that you bought years ago with the intention of reading them but haven’t gotten around to it yet?? Hands up! My hand is raised. How many of you have 25 different lipsticks at least and about 5 different foundations? Yeah me too.

Why I want to have a depth year this year

This is one of the reasons I wanted to do this. Like anyone else, when I bought those products its because I thought about how I want to use them in my live and how they would be me joy and happiness. However I haven’t left them do that. I haven’t given them the chance to bring me any happiness. I have kept them in a drawer or on a shelf and bought more friends to join them.

How can our things bring us happiness if we don’t use them? This year I really want to use everything that I own currently. I want to really enjoy them and use them for the purpose I intended.

If they don’t bring me happiness and I was wrong to purchase them that’s absolutely fine. Lesson learned I can rehome it to someone who will love it but I never tried and kept it in the drawer how would I know?

The aim of my depth year

My goal this year is not to purchase more stuff. There are some exceptions to this rule which you can read about in my no spend post but in general for the 365 days of 2021 I only want to use what I already have. Will it be easy probably not but I definitely want to try!!

What are your thoughts on this concept? Please leave me a comment below! I would love to know!

Stay safe

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