Goals & Resolutions Review 2020

I cant believe its actually coming to the end of 2020! It has been the most unusual and surreal year for everyone I think. In the beginning of the year and the end of last year when I was creating my goals there is no way I could have ever predicted the way the year was actually going to turn out! Never in a million years would I have guessed that the world would grind to a halt due a pandemic and all the consequences that would happen as a result.

In saying that I still made goals so today I will review them and see how I got on. It is tradition now this is my 5th year writing this type of post. I love doing these types of goals post because I feel like they allow me to reflect on the past year and in the next post I will be sharing all my goals for 2021.

Lets see how I got with the goals I set myself in 2020

1. Finacial Goals

I the beginning of the year I set myself financial goals to be debt free, get more money motivated, Get serious about saving. As we all know covid-19 has changed all of our circumstances so unfortunately after losing my job in the cafe I was unable to meet my goal of becoming completely debt free. However I was able to clear a substantial amount even with everything going on so I am definitely proud of it. By the end of 2021 I should be debt free!!

2. Health & Fitness goals

So in the beginning of 2020 I decided I wanted to be fitter and healthier. I wanted to do this by eating healthier, meal planning, walking, yoga and fitness classes. This has always been a big part of my year. I have definitely been walking a lot and up until the latter part of the year I was eating really healthy too. However we then moved in with family and with the change of circumstances it hasn’t been as easy to maintain. We will be moving out into our own home again in January so it will all be about the meal planning and healthy eating again! I have started doing yoga at home. Unfortunately I haven’t been going to fitness classes because of the covid situation but I have done my research and have them all ready and planned for when it is safe to do so in 2021.

3. Lifestyle goals

The lifestyle goals I created for myself in the beginning of the year were creating a solid morning and evening routine, making an effort to stay connected to people that I love, continue my minimalism journey, sustainability, random acts of kindness and more plants.

I did have a solid routine until we moved but unfortunately again since then things have been a little all over the place and it really shook things up but when we move out Im sure it wil all settle down again.

I have definitely made a big effort to stay connected to people, more than usual I would say. Covid has really put a lot of things in perspective and relationships is one of those things. It reminds us that life and our way of life is fragile. We must embrace, enjoy and protect it as much as possible. Zoom and video chat has been a very big deal for us this year as it has been for most people as it has been the only way I have been able to connect with some people. I have definitely been more in contact with my loved ones than ever before.

I have definitely not been as minimalistic as I would like but I do feel like some of that is down to the crazy year we have had too. I haven’t really been shopping at all year but I think I made up for that at Christmas. Christmas is a big time of year for our family in general but I can’t deny that because I have only seen some family members and friends once or twice in person all year I may have gone over-board in showering them with love and gifts.

I know this is not in keeping with my minimalism goals I feel like it was something I just really wanted and needed to do after such a tough year for everyone. Next year when we move I will be going through all my belongings as I pack and deciding on what I will bring to the new place, what I will donate and what I will sell. I don’t want to live in a cluttered and unorganised home.

Sustainability and the climate crisis is very important to me. I honestly believe we could all do more and have a very important part to play when it comes to saving this beautiful planet of ours. I always trying to be as sustainable as I can but of course I could do more. This year I want to continue on my quest to living a more sustianable life.

I did include some random acts of kindness year and hopefully many many more in 2021.

I did pick up some more plants which you will have seen on YouTube or Instagram stories.

4. Personal Goals

My personal goals this year were to read 12 books, make self-care more of a priority and use my happiness journal everyday.

I actually didn’t keep count but I think I can say with confidence that read / listened to on audible atlease 12 books. I have had a lot more time now that there is no commute to work. I have made reading a priority. I have also been enjoying listening to audio books while out on my walks. Excercise and education at the same time! Win win!

I have also done a good job making self-care a priority. This might be due to lockdown and spending most of the year. When you’re are spending so much time at home it’s easier to incorporate self-care. I believe it is super important for everyone to have self-care in their routines.

I have use my happiness journal but not everyday. This is something that I need to work on!

5. Creativity Goals

This year I had two creativity goals – colouring and upcycling furniture. These I have both delivered on too! If you hop over to my Instagram then you can check out my upcycling videos and makeover videos. You can also check out Christmas highlights 2020 to see my Christmas colouring.

Overall I believe I did quiet well on my goals especially considering the situation. Check back here tomorrow for my goals and resloutions for 2021. Still hard to believe that it is even time for that yet but here we are I guess.

Please leave me a comment and let me know how you got on with your 2020 goals! I would love to know!!

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Have an amazing and safe new years eve. Thank you for all your love and support this year!!

Love you all x

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