How I prepared for my no spend year 2021

Part of me still doesn’t believe that I am actually going to do this but I am also really excited for the challenge. Today I am going to share with you how I prepared for my no spend year 2021.

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No spend year 2021 – Reasons & Rules

10 Things I did to prepare for my no spend year 2021

1. Created / Relised my whys

To do such a long and life changing challenge you really have to know your whys. Why are you doing this? What do you want to achieve? Write these down everywhere! These will keep you motivated when you feel like giving up! You can check out mine in my previous post

2. Created my rules

Everyones rules will be different because everyone has a different lifestyle and different things that are important to them. Again you can check out all mine in the previous post.

4. Cancelling subscriptions

One of the things I am allowing myself is to keep my subscriptions that I use. So I went through my subscriptions and cancelled any I didn’t need like for me Amazon prime was no longer necessary because I will not be shopping. However I will add my partner and family members still have prime so I will use their account if I absolutely have to. Joe and I also watch prime TV alot so if he didn’t have an account maybe it wouldn’t have been so easy to give it up. We use his account usually to watch prime TV anyway I just wont have it on my phone or tablet anymore but thats ok.

I also cancelled alot of my emails subscriptions. These don’t cost me a monthly fee but it means my email inbox is less cluttered with junk and I am lessly to recieve tempting emails about new products of store offers.

5. Figure out what is important to me moneywise

Before I could create the rules I really had to think about what I was willing to give up and what I wasn’t. This challenge is not a punishment. I am not trying to make myself miserable or to suffer. I am trying to enrich my life and create an amazing future. This means I really had think about what was important enough to keep and to help achieve my future goals. Again you can read more about this in my previous post.

6. Go through all my bills

What is the point of cutting down on spending but paying over the odds on bills. I went through all my bills and looked into either cutting them out if possible or reducing them where I can. It might seem annoying but you will feel better in the longrun. Who doesn’t want cheaper bills and to save more money.

7. Created budgets for the categories that I am keeping

Just because I keeping categories like food and household doesn’t mean I want to over spend there and defeat the whole purpose of the challenge. I am creating budgets so that I can buy what I want while saving as much as I can too.

8. Tied up loose ends in December

I had a list with few items that I wanted to pick up that I knew were not “necesities” but they made me happy. Knowing I was going to do a no spend year I decided I would pick them up in December and come December 31st I was done. I know I could have just picked them up this month but I like clean cuts and lines and wanted to start out with intention of buying nothing. It was a last hurrah if you will. I’m not sure it everyone would agree with me but it definitely made me feel better and more confident going into this challenge.

9. I found support online

Challenges like this can be hard so I wanted to find like minded people. I looked for other bloggers that have done it. I looked on YouTube to find not only people that have started it this year like me but also people who have completed them and can provide tips. I subscribed to them and look forward doing my journey with them.

10. I told the people I love

Finally I told my family and partner. I haven’t really told my friends yet but I will. It’s nice to have people to support you on a journey like this.

These are all the ways that I prepared to take on this no spend year 2021. Don’t forget to check out my previous post with all the reasons and rules for this no buy year.

Please leave me a comment with your thoughts or if you are doing one too! We can help each other!!

Stay safe,

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    1. Thank you so much! It’s taking me a while to finally attempt to take it on so I’m not sure how I will do but we shall see sure. You could try doing a no spend or something to give a feel for it. You never know you could trying this yourself in 2022!!

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