YouTube video || Makeup Inventory Beginning 2021 || No Spend Year

As many of you are already aware this year I plan on completing a no spend year. So I thought it might be a fun idea to cataloge or do a stock take of all the makeup I currently have & then I can see how much I have left at the end of the year. That’s why today I am sharing a YouTube video of my makeup inventory beginning 2021.

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I want to be very clear with everyone that this spend year comes from a place of abundance. One of the main reasons that I want to stop spending and buying things is because I want to use and love everything I own. I want the dreams and ideas that I had when I bought them to actually come true and not say a dream because I forgot I even have it or never actually use it.

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My plan over the coming weeks is to do many different inventories & I hope that I by the end of the year I will have a much cleared picture of what I really have, really need & really love.

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You can check out the video below to find out what I’m working with makeup wise in 2021. Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts. Are you doing a no spend challenge in 2021? I would love to hear all about it!!

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YouTube || Makeup Inventory Beginning 2021 || No Spend Year

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