YouTube Video || First Impressions || Primark – Andrew Fitsimons Pro Styling Hair Curling Iron

Just before Christmas I had a little shopping trip to Penneys (or Primark for those of you who don’t live in Ireland). On this trip I spotted & decided to pick up the Andrew Fitsimons Pro Styling Hair Curling Iron.

The main reason I decided to pick this up, apart from it being an absolute bargin at €14, is because I have a family wedding abroad coming up in September (depending on restrictions of course!). As most of you will already know I already have the GHD Oracle which I was gifted be my wonderful family last Christmas. However I have absolutely no intention of ever bringing that abroad and risking it getting lost or broken. It is a very expensive hair tool and I have sentimental attachment as it was a gift.

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I decided to film my first impressions of the tool, my thoughts and whether I would recommend it you, my friends. You can watch in the video a full demo from very first unboxing to finished hair look and all my thoughts along the way.

Andrew Fitsimons Pro Styling Hair Curling Iron – Spoilers

If you don’t have time to watch the video here are some spoilers

  • I really enjoyed this curler and its really impressive for the price
  • It was quick, easy, no drama and I was really happy with the finished look
  • You can’t beat the price at €14.
  • I highly recommend it if you are looking for a bargin hair tool but want professional looking results.
  • Big thumbs up from me!

Check out the full video now!!

YouTube Video|| First Impressions || Primark – Andrew Fitsimons Pro Styling Hair Curling Iron

Please don’t forget to leave me a comment and let me know all your thoughts!! Have you tried this hair curling iron before? What was your experience with it??

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