20 Silly money wasters when you are getting out debt

When you are trying to get out of debt or save money for a larger goal it is important that we are more careful with our money. Why can’t be as frivilous or wasteful as we normally would be. These are 10 silly money wasters to avoid if you are getting out of debt.

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10 Silly Money Wasters

1. Paying for Coffees

This includes both coffee dates with expensive cakes & takeaway coffees when you are out and about. If you miss coffee dates with your friends, invite them over or to a public park and bring your own coffees from home and cakes too if you want. You can have the same experience for a fraction of the cost.

2.Bottled water

This is just a silly thing to spend your money on when you are getting out of debt! I grew up in a house where you couldn’t drink the water because it wasn’t safe so yes I do know what it’s like to only drink bottled water and it did take me a while to trust drinking tap water (and get used to the taste) but most people are able to drink their tap water so if you can do yourself a favour and drink that rather than spend at least €1 on a plastic bottle everyday.

3. Mani / Pedi

This is another luxury that is silly to spend money on when getting out of debt. I know that you will be able to do a fab job at home and if you need help there are so many videos and blogposts free on the internet to help with that! Invite your friends around or have a girls zoom night and have a mani / pedi party.

4. Pre chopped fruit & veg

In 99.9% of cases this is just laziness in my opinion. They charge much higher prices for chopped carrots for example than unchopped. You are paying for the convenience of someone else chopping them for you. If you are will to prep your own fruit and veg you can save yourself so much money!

5. Single items rather than multipacks

Single items such as chocolate for example are so much more expensive than buying multipacks. They will last much longer and give you much more for your money. By going off brand too you can save even more cents.

6. Pre-made meals

This follows along the same line. You are always going to pay more for other people to do the work for you! Start meal prepping all you own meals and you can save a ton of money!

7. Not shopping around on your bills

Are you getting the lowest price possible for your bills? Do you even know? Again this usually comes down to laziness. Shop around on all you bills until you are confident you are getting the lowest price possible. Who knows, maybe you could save 100’s a month for the inconvenience of making a few phone calls.

8. Premium version of apps

Don’t like ads huh? Guess what? NOBODY DOES! However if you are getting out of debt my advice is to suck it up. Why pay a monthly subscription for a service when you can get it for free but you just have to skip through ads everynow and then. Examples would be YouTube and Spotify, both fantastic apps but if you can’t afford the premium version right now then you can’t afford it. End of.

9. Hair wash and blow dry

Unless ther is a very good reason nobody should be getting just a wash and blow dry when they can’t afford it. You can spending money because you can’t be bothered to wash your hair. Because you’re worth it. Everyone is worth it and I am not denying that you are too but you can’t afford it right now so stop. Wash your own hair.

10. Dry cleaning

Don’t buy clothes that you have to dry clean. If you already have clothes that are dry clean only you may need to get them washed and put them into storage until you can afford the upkeep of them again. Tough choice but it’s silly to spend all that money washing an item of clothing when you can’t afford it.

Every time you borrow money, you’re robbing your future self

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What are some of your silly money wasters? Have I forgotten any? Please leave me a comment and share them below. I would love to hear them!

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