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Today I am sharing my first ever no spend year review. I think from now on I am going to do these posts more often as I feel like I have a lot to say this month. So if I did them more often they would be a little shorter and more current too.

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I think it went really well this month. I kept to a really strict budget and accounted for every cent that I got. Due to the current situation I lost my job. The cafe where I was working closed down. This means I currently rely on the government and I have teeny tiny income of €1,000 a month. We are currently in level 5 so everything is closed. It doesn’t look like its going to open up again anytime soon.

It is a very small amount to live on but I think its the perfect time to do a no spend and a perfect time to get my life on track.

Money wins this month

  1. Cancelled my Amazon Prime Membership – As Joe already has Amazon Prime I was able to cancel mine and Amazon very kindly returned all my money!
  2. Woolly Pigs Customers – This month I had some wonderful customers in my Woolly Pigs Etsy store where I selling personally handmade knitted items. I am so thankful & grateful & it makes my heart happy.
  3. LAST PAYMENT TO MY BIG LOAN – I have had this loan for about 7 years atleast anyway, It was 5,636.84. I took it out for “college” but realistcally alot of it went on food, cute clothes, home decor and partying with my friends. This is probably going to be one of the biggest wins of the year. I am not debt free I still have lots of other debts but that was the big one. I got rid of it and I am delighted!

Money Fails this month

  1. Accidentally paid for a picture on canva – This cost me €1 without realising. I love Canva. I have used the paid version in the past & will use it again when I have the money in the budget.
  2. Ended up buy new toothpaste – I left the other one next to a radiator by mistake and didn’t know it it was safe to use so I bought another one.

I did keep my budget extreamly tight but I did pick up a couple of “unnecessary” items. I feel like they were all necessary to me so that’s fine.

Unnecessary items I picked up this month

  1. Teepee for Lola – If you follow me on Instagram or been here for a while, you will know I have a spoilt little cat called Lola. Anyway for Christmas I promised her a teepee because when we have a blanket over us or are in bed she likes to sleep under ourlegs like a little teepee. However they were all so expensive. Then this month in aldi I found one which I loved for €6.77. I could not leave it there.
  2. Gym Bag – I was looking for a gym bag for a long time. This wasn’t spur of the moment decision. I needed a gym sized bag that I could use not only for the gym but as a overnight type bag aswell. I have nothing of the same size or type and really wanted one for when the country is up and running again. I did look in Penneys in Decemeber but couldn’t justify the price at €18. Then I found this one in Aldi again (on the same day for €10.97.
  3. Photo frame – This I bought to comemorate my late gramdmothers memory. I wanted one that I could put here memory card and poem into and I found one in Mr Price for €2.79.
  4. Tea light holder & Mirror base – It was my grandmothers anniversary of her passing a few days ago because of the current situation I was unable to meet with family, visit the grave or attend a mass in her honor. My mam told be about the idea of lighting a candle for her. So I picked up this tealight holder & mirror base so it would be reusable.

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Things I have done to say money this month

  • Meal planning
  • Freezing fruit & bread before they went off
  • Using refillable handsoap as showergel
  • Ziploc bags and bobbles as gloves in a pinch
  • Listening to Dave Ramsey book on Audible
  • Watching Budget Girl from the beginning
  • Found more budget & Financial YouTubers
  • Printed out motivational sheets to fill out for free on
  • Applied for my credit report
  • Starting sinking funds
  • Spending tracking everyday
  • Sorted out banking and opened up a Credit Union savings account for my Car
  • Put reusable shopping bags in the car so I won’t spend money on them in the future

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Things I wanted to buy but didn’t

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YouTube Video || January No Spend Review

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