YouTube Video || No Spend Review || Feb 1st – 7th

Today I am sharing my first weekly no spend year review. From now on I am going to try and bring these to you weekly so I can document the year, starting this week with the first week of february.

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It has been a good week. I didn’t go over budget on anything. I had no really money wins, no windfall or anything like that. I also had no money fails either so that was good!

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Things I did to save money

  1. Cancel Kindle Subscription – I love my kindle subscription but because I am currently reading – A Promised Land by Barack Obama, I am currently not getting my value for money out of it. I am going to keep it cancelled for a while and read the phyisical books I have in my home. Then, when I can get my value out of it again I will renew my Kindle subscription. I am currently doing the same with my Audible subscription because I have a library full of books to listen to. Once I have made my way through them I will renew that subscription too.
  2. Left my purse at home – Sometimes if we were going out and I knew I didn’t want to spend any money then I would just leave my purse / wallet at home so it would deter me from spending. I have Google pay on my phone if I absolutely needed to get something but other than that I would have to do without.
  3. Using cash only – I try to use cash whenever possible. It helps me personally to save and track my spending easier. It’s also recommended on the Dave Ramsey – Total Money Makeover Plan.
  4. Organising and prepping my car – I did this so that not only would it help me out in an emergency should I breakdown or get into an accident but also it will help me if I forget things so I won’t have to waste money replacing items. I also was able to take one of my money fails last month (replacing toothpaste because I left it next to a radiator) & was able to use it to get sparkling clean headlights. I did pick up some items I needed but that’s ok. I am not going to sacrific my safety in my car. I also didn’t get super spendy. I only spent €20.50.
  5. Decluttering and Organising my home – I decided I was going to look around my home and see if I could sell any I didn’t want, love or need any more. I also wanted to be more aware of everything that I own as this will help me not to buy duplicates in the future.
  6. Creating a windfall plan – I decided I needed to create a windfall plan so that I would know what to do with any extra money if I am every lucky enough to have any. I think this is a really great idea because otherwise there is a big chance that the money could just slip through your fingers unless you have a plan for it.
  7. Reward plan – I have also made a reward plan for myself as I believe its important to reward yourself when you are working hard. These are all little things that cost no more that €20 but I will reward myself after I pay off debts or hit big milestones. I believe this will build momentum and motivation. These are all things that I want but don’t want to spend the money on so I will have them as rewards instead.

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Things I wanted to buy this month but didn’t

  1. Camping mess tins – This is such a silly want but I probably would have picked them up. I thought they were so cute, just like the ones on I’m a Celeb.. I hadn’t seen them before and I thought they would enhance my future camping experience. Problems with this potential purchase #1 It’s currently -1C outside, #2 It will be months before I would even think about camping, #3 I own literally no other camping equipment currently, no sleeping bags, no tent, nothing, maybe I should concentrate on that first! As you can see silly silly idea!
  2. Coffee Mate – I wanted to try it out for my coffee but realised I really didn’t need it and could just use milk of course which I had at home.
  3. B12 Vitimins – I was going to pick them up on a whim as I was feeling a bit low. I never think that your health is worth comprimising and will never recommend you risk or sacrific your health for money. However in this case I new I didn’t need them. Instead I went home ate eggs, salmon and spinch which are packed with B vitimins. I also picked up Multi-vitimins in Aldi (Kids ones, thats all they had but still) and made a plan to put them into my budget.
  4. Wooden Baskets in Aldi – I honestly have no idea where I would have out them in my house but they are so pretty and I really wanted them.
  5. Takeaway coffees & breakfast – These always get me. It’s such a strong habit that has been ingrained in me. Even though I have been making my own coffee a lot now I still get so tempted by coffee places and pastries. However I resisted and powered through. These are not on the list of things I can’t buy however I think it is unnecesary and want to try and avoid it where possible.

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YouTube Video || No Spend Review ~ February 1st – 7th

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