About Me

Hello and Welcome! I am Linda and this is my little corner of the universe! Here we  chat about all things lifestyle. I like to focus primarily around promoting an eco friendly lifestyle, sustainabilty, minimalism but, I also like to throw in some beauty, style and cheeky bit of home decor for good measure. I also like to keep things very positive around here. There is so much negativity in the world. I like to shield this little place from it as much as I can.

I love the sea and being surrounded by nature. I live on the Kerry coast in Ireland, along the wild Atlantic way, with my partner Joe and little kitty cat Lola. I find that when I am writing that just looking out into the Atlantic ocean can unlock all kinds of inspiration. There is such beauty in the waves of the ocean.

I am a creator. Not only here online but also at home. I love a good craft project and even have my own Etsy store – Woolly Pigs (long story). Here I sell 100% handmade knitted items. I love to fill the world with beauty and let my creativity go wild!

I want to save the world. There I said it. Whats wrong with dreaming big, especially when it is for such a great cause. That’s why so much of this blog is dedicated to either one of two things. Either we trying to implement a lifestyle that will help to save our beautiful planet or to hopefully help my readers in there personal lives. This can be through either motivational or hopefully helpful posts. I believe the world needs as much kindness as we can give it! That’s why I love this online community so much. We are all here for one another.

I love to learn, I love to craft, I love cook, I love to organise, I love to plan, I love to travel….and I love to share this with all of you through this blog and all my social media accounts.  There is so much fun and beauty on this planet we just have to open our minds and our hearts to see it.