Your dreams are waiting for you || A motivational book on chasing your dreams and creating the life you always wanted

Do you have a dream?

In this book I show it is possible to create the dream life you have wanted as long as you have the right mindset. There are six parts to this book. Each part has a different motivational theme.I wanted to take you on a journey with this book. I will be using my posts to illustrate my message to you in each section. My hope is that by the time you reach the end of this book you will be filled with the motivation to tackle the world and whatever life has to throw at you. 

My Mission

My Mission with this book is to help you to see the true value of yourself and the life you lead, to inspire you to see that motivation and moments of true happiness are all around you. Each part of this book is aimed towards inspiring you to take the necessary steps to chase your dream and create the life you have always wanted. 

What has been holding you back?

Something has always held you back from going out and actively trying to achieve your dream. What is it that is holding back? Confidence? Fear? Lack of self worth? Laziness and Excuses? With this book hopefully we can try and uncover those feelings and hit them head on. 

It’s up to you to change your life

This is not a “fix your life” book. By reading this book you will not suddenly get everything you want. There is no quick fix to achieving your dream. What this book does is put you in the right mindset to get out there and tackle the world head on. You have to put in the hard work too. 

This book is all about motivation and inspiration. I hope this book helps you to realise your dreams can come true and you are worthy of the life you desire.