My Story

Image of Linda Roche wearing Woolly Pigs Scarf

I grew up with my family in a little village in Cork, Ireland. Even as a youngster I loved to write. I wrote two book in the early naughties. One of the books was created with a group of friends and fellow classmates in school and the other was a solo venture. I might take this moment to let you know I would have been about ten years old at the time. I still remember the book I wrote all by myself, on our old (brand new and top of the range at the time of course) Dell PC. It was about a dog rescue home (still another passion of mine, I still plan on filling my future home with rescue animals). However as I got older I distracted with other things and forgot all about my ambitions to write. Although English was my favourite subject in school, when it came time to pick a college course I went with Hospitality Management – I felt like it was my ticket to see the world.

After school I went straight into a Hospitality Management course and started working in a hotel.  One year after my course ended I decided I wanted to try a different industry and enroled in a Makeup and Beauty course. I qualified as makeup artist and during this time I, by chance, discovered the world of YouTube and Blogging РI have a whole post in which I go into much more detail about how this happened. On the 23rd of Nov 2013 I published my first blog post with absolutely no idea of what I had just started or the world I had just opened myself up to.

All this time I was still working in the Hospitality industry, blogging and attending college. I got an opportunity to move to Kerry so I took it. I met my partner, we moved in together and adopted our little kitten Lola. Although I love the hospitality industry and will always be a ‘hotel person’ as time went on I began to see that my real passion was creating.

Since I moved to Kerry I have discovered a passion for knitting. I love it so much. I now even have my own Etsy store – Woolly Pigs (long story – check out store if you want to know why) I found that this is not only a great way to relax from the stresses from the day but I love sharing my creations with the world and seeing people enjoy the items I make!

Next wanted I put all my time and focus on the blog. Completely ripped it apart and put it back together again. I researched about everything. I wanted it to be a place of pure joy for people. A place where people would come to, to relax, learn something, enjoy the posts and embrace the motivation and positivity. The blog you see now was then born. I will always be constantly improving but I am happy with where it is right now. At lot of time and love has gone into this site and I hope it reads through.

Seven years this blog has been on the web and I hope for many more. I hope to integrate more value, content and products for you guys. Watch this space…